Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Stockwell Day And His Ass

Pretty slim Pickins in Stock's latest Penticton Western column, which mostly concerns the decision of the "Westside" area in his riding to incorporate. Although Mr. Day's constant need to stress his ordinary-guyness with such remarks as

The CMT network did a super special on Merritt and the Nicola Valley that would even make an academic say “Yahoo!”

are enough to induce spontaneous eye-rolling.

And while I was researching "Westside" I found this curious remark re a player on the local soccer team:

As per Westside tradition, [he] likes to play himself out of situations tighter than Stockwell Day's ass.

...which makes me ponder how this writer can possibly know just how tight Stockwell's Ass is, and how such things are measured in the first place.


Anonymous said...

On a more pressing issue, the assholes that run Toronto want the "support our troops" decals removed from Fire & Emergency vehicles.

Screw 'em and if the people of Toronto don't rise up in mass indignation over this, screw them too.

Jay said...

Possibly noticed a high pitch whistle when Stockwell broke wind.

Jay said...

Those ribbons have no place on public vehicles which are paid for by citizens of Toronto.

To equate support for troops based on decals paid with tax payers dollars smacks of politicking. Someone is making a lot of money off of this. The decals are cheesy and tacky to boot.

Our troops can't even see them from Afghanistan.

To assume someone doesn't support our troops because they don't want the decal is absurd in the highest degree.

Don't be such an asswipe. Those decals have been on vehicles a year now. Point made.

There has to be protocol regarding how long this stuff stays on vehicles because it seems to me that conservatives like these tacky things. Mainly to show up others for not being so patriotic, blah blah blah amongst other bullshit.

I can only imagine what your vehicle looks like. How many assorted wedge topics have you got stuck all over it?

Anonymous said...

Toronto mayor Miller is an NDP - why would you be surprised by what he wanted to do.

The counsel voted unanimously to keep the decals.

Stockwell Day is a bit of a flake isn't he? If he were my MP I'd be really embarrassed.

Whe the need to prove his manhood all the time? Curious.

Freddie L Sirmans, Sr. said...

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Anonymous said...

38 fucking nothing was the vote. Miller's Battle of the Somme.

keep the decals because they CAN be seen form Afghanistan,

They only ass wipes that don't want them are pandering Liberals and all the NDP.

Ti-Guy said...

Someone needs a hug...