Friday, June 22, 2007

Conservative M.P. Jay Hill: Stephen Taylor Doesn't Exist, and I Am Not A Boob Man

It turns out that Peace River's Conservative M.P Jay Hill does a weekly blogpost on the website of 250 North. Not as transplendantly dorky as Stockwell, he still comes up with the occasional dubious claim. In last week's column, for example, he insisted that:

In Ottawa, it is a well-known fact that if there is NO juicy rumour by noon, someone is sure to start one. The next time you hear or read about some story attributed to a “Tory insider” or “Conservative strategist”, please remember there are no such positions!

Yeah sure, tell that to this guy.

Hill also insisted that Prince Harry had the right to nail as many Calgary barmaids as he pleased, and yet feigned disinterest in their bra sizes.

Averts Eyes in Presence of Boobies!!!


Anonymous said...

He sits next to Rona and Helena, two of the biggest boobies in the House. How can he not be interested in them?

Bailey said...

So, he's saying there are no Conservative strategists? I think that's been obvious for some time now....

Reality Bites said...

He's not interested in boobs because when you say "boob" to a Reformer he automatically assumes you mean a former leader and current cabinet minister, not a breast (although quite a dick).