Friday, June 22, 2007

SoCon's Complaint: You Freep Better Then We

From the "who the hell gives a crap?" department, it looks like the CBC's Canadian Wish List Facebook competition has turned into a knock 'em down, drag 'em out, Apocalymundo-style clash between Pro and Anti Abortion forces, with the SoCons attempting to establish "abolishing abortion" as the #1 wish of Canadians.

Ned Flanders over here claims that all "heck" has broken loose since Pro-choice types proved move adept at Freeping the poll than Pro-life types. But in his comments section it is now being reported that the Pro-Lifers have redoubled their efforts and taken the lead once again... at what cost, however? Their SOULS, perhaps?

It seems our people have started cheating, so now we have lost the moral high ground, and a chance to expose them for the fraud they are.

Now both sides look bad.

And my message to both sides of this faintly hilarious "struggle" for Facebook supremacy is the same message I delivered to those guys who dressed as Klingons to meet a planeload of Trekkies at Pearson Airport: "Get a life, you pathetic Nerds! You're making me embarrassed to be a human!"


Ted Betts said...

Ned Flanders thinks you are "upset", BCL.

I'm thinking he's one of those "if you aren't with us you are against us" types given your post was pretty clearly mocking everyone who takes to freeping a stupid online poll like this.

Notice how he doesn't mention all of the pro-life media support behind the campaign.

Ah well.

Adult-aged children will always remain and act like children, I suppose.

Ted Betts said...

Just reading through his "blog".

You may not realize what you are up against here. This "man" is taking this Facebook poll very very very seriously and actively.

He is even {cough}{cough} fasting to give his side more power. I mean, how can you compete with that BCL?

The mockery just writes itself.

bigcitylib said...
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bigcitylib said...

He also claims winning this facebook contest will be the biggest prolife victory in the history of the nation.

(I'll probably fast between lunch and dinner to help out the pro choice side)

Ti-Guy said...

I'll help the pro-choice side by...having an abortion.

Would that I could. I'm so fed up with these socons that I'd have one out of sheer spite.

jmnlman said...

Why does the CBC get themselves into these messes? First the Don Cherry greatest Canadian BS now this.

JJ said...

"Ned Flanders" - bahahahaha!!! perfect. (This one's gonna stick.)