Saturday, July 14, 2007

Lyndon LaRouche Becomes A Player In The Denialist Movement

On July 11th, to great fanfare, ABC (The Australian Broadcasting Corporation) broadcast Martin Durkin's fakeumentary "The Great Global Warming Swindle". Afterwards, a studio audience asked some very strange questions of host Tony Jones and his guests. And one of them wore a t-shirt that read "Anthropogenic Global Warming is a bigger fraud than your girlfriend's orgasm!"

As it turns out, the audience had been infiltrated by about 15 members of the ALYM, or Australian LaRouche Youth Movement: followers, that is, of Lyndon LaRouche.

I have written about Lyndon LaRouche before. To characterize him briefly, I'd call him an extremely rich, tax evading anti-Semite who thinks the Queen of England sells drugs and the aliens are coming, among other things. He has also managed to somehow connect Nazi Eugenics, Al Gore, Global Warming, and (once again) the Queen of England.

And, whats interesting is that, as I noted here, and others have pointed out elsewhere, this is not La Rouche's first foray into the Warming Wars. His magazine, Executive Intelligence Review, seems to be one of the few places left where water witch and climate skeptic Nils-Axel Mörner or, as I like to call him, the dowsing denier, can still air his views. In fact, there seems to be a whole section on EIR permanently devoted to "debunking" climate change theory. Furthermore, this is not the first time the ALYM has used these kinds of tactics. In April, for example:

The LaRouche Youth Movement strongly intervened in a meeting hosted by the Australian Fabian Society (a "pro-worker" arm of British imperial policy, which runs the Australian Labor Party) entitled, "A New Socio-Economic Framework: Progressive Responses to Globalisation".


We blanketed the audience of 50 or so as they were going in with the CEC's latest New Citizen, with the banner headline "Global Warming is a Fraud!" LYM members Aaron Isherwood and Doug Mitchell identified themselves and intervened in question time, Aaron to Liddle on the necessity for LaRouche's New Bretton Woods (NBW), and Doug to Norris on the global warming swindle, including whether the Blair government would fire Al Gore for pushing this hoax.

On the other hand, not much activity on this front from the Canadian wing of the LaRouche Youth movement. While there have been several classes held in Montreal on environmental issues, these don't seem to have inspired anything in the way of an "intervention". However, in May the Montreal LYM organized a Town Hall meeting :

...using as the invitation a cartoon of Al Gore stepping on Africa in the Cecil Rhodes colossus-pose. The flyer read: "Al Gore's Plan to Solve 'Over-population': Kill Africans."

It is a pity that LaRouche's gang doesn't seem to be well integrated into the broader Denialist movement. It would be truly wonderful to get a picture of Tim Ball, for example, presenting to a room full of LaRouchians.

Update: According to this, the Montreal youth movement did indeed attempt to disrupt Gore's speech in Montreal when he came to town.


Anonymous said...

steffi better get moving fast and sign this dude up . . he's prime LPC material.

Red Tory said...

Considering how many of the denialists are wild conspiracy theorists, LaRouche will fit right in with that crowd.

Anonymous said...

Given the sad shape of the US Republican Party, I think LaRouche's people can infiltrate it with not too much difficulty.

BTW, who is the most prominent Lyndon LaRouche supporter in Canada? I seen these supporters when I was doing my undergrad in the late 80s, early 90s. What happened to them?

Anonymous said...

at least we have the CBC to protect us having to watch such conspiratorial nonsense. If it wasn't for CBC we'd have to pay to watch Michael Moore films. CBC broadcasts to us over and over for free.

Very cool the CBC, a real keeper organization.

Anonymous said...

"Anthropogenic Global Warming is a bigger fraud than your girlfriend's orgasm!"
As it turns out, the audience had been infiltrated by about 15 members of the ALYM, or Australian LaRouche Youth Movement'

Isn't la Rouche a right wing religious guy? one of those people who are (or at least claim to be) opposed to premarital sex?

I would expect all the LaRouche Youth to be virgins. What would they know about their girlfriend's orgasms?

Then again, perhaps the statement would make sense if the LaRouche Youth subscribe to Bill Clinton's definition of sex (and by extension, virginity)

Dr.Dawg said...

LaRouche isn't religious. He's simply an all-round a nutcase of the first order. Everything is a conspiracy, and if it doesn't at first appear so, that's just more simply proof of it.

He peddles a sophisticated multi-faceted closed delusional system. A couple of examples:

On music:

The first official effort to depart from the Bach's well-tempered C=256, to the Russian bandmaster's A=440, was ordered by agents of the Holy Alliance powers, in the setting of the Congress of Vienna. Later, a more insidious effort to enforce what mere decree had failed to bring about, occurred with the redesign of wind instruments, and also keyboard instruments, with a built-in registration which was shifted away from the natural registration of the bel-canto-trained human singing voice. This latter change gained momentum under the conditions provided by Palmerston's 1848-1849 revolutions. Those "Young Europe" revolutionaries, as typified by the cases of Richard Wagner and his bomb-throwing crony, and fellow-Beethoven-hater, N. Bakunin, also marked the unleashing of a more concerted effort to supplant the Classical tradition of Bach, Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, et al., with the irrationalist Romanticism of Carl Czerny's Franz Liszt, et al.

And, he can be somewhat more esoteric.


Anonymous said...

Wiki says la Rouch is a Quaker (or at least was raised as one).

I'd say if he still subscribes to Quakerism, he probably opposes premarital sex (Quakers used to disown members for engaging in such behavior)

Of course, that would not mean that his followers are religious.

With regard to conspiracy theorists, some global warming deniers fit the mold but I'd also say that there are many who are not conspiracy theorists -- but who are themselves part of a (exxon Mobil led) conspiracy!

bigcitylib said...

Responses to various questions. The movement is a weird amalgam of left/right positions, plus stuff thats too weird to call one way or another. Nothing I've read or heard sounds particularly religous, although there is apparently a fair whack of coded Anti-Semitism. According to Lyndon, the world is run by a "synarchy" (of which Conrad Black is a Member!) that sounds a bit like the Illuminati.

Anonymous said...

"The movement is a weird amalgam of left/right positions, plus stuff thats too weird to call one way or another."

Oh, these type of people are quite prominent in Canada. Can you say "Social Credit"?


LaRouche has always been a climate change denier as well as anti environmentalist. The LaRouchies came up with the slogan Nuke The Whales.

See my post; strange bedfellows.

Anonymous said...

DENIER of Climate Change? Or of man-made heating up of the earth? Everything green has brown roots, you know. You accuse people of being deniers as if you can prove that man is irreversibly destroying the earth. You can find this all over the internet if you want. But then you can also find a video of a midget being sodomized by a horse on the internet. Why not lay down scientific proof to prove that the other party is wrong?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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James Rea said...

Wow, you are a genius. Slander a man, call him a denier, call him an anti-semite. That is then proof enough for the masses that the man is clearly incompetent. If the world was filled with people like you, Larouche would never be able to discuss nuclear power and development policies for Africa. Too many people masturbating in their own phaeces while screaming about global warming would dominate any political forum.

Anonymous said...

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