Wednesday, May 19, 2010

African Canadian Legal Clinic Asks To Intervene In Warman V. Lemire

The African Canadian Legal Clinic (ACLC) has applied for intervenor status in the judicial review of Warman v. Lemire. The full text of their written representations are here. Not too many surprises: they want to keep S.13, as it is "an invaluable and necessary tool in the legal system's anti-Black hate toolkit", albeit with "substantive and procedural modifications". It sounds like they want to remove S.54.1,the penalty provision, but also add a few clauses here and there:
Paragraph 44 in particular is sure to make a Speechy scream.

It is interesting, too, to read the ACLC's account of their need to make a case apart from the CHRC:

Finally, the representation refers a number of times to an affidavit by ACLC head Margaret Parsons. That can be found here.
Update: White supremacist Mark Lemire calls the ACLC "grievance hustlers".


CK said...

No doubt Ezzy is still defending this thug?

Love how Ezzy cries about Muslim anti-semitism but defends these white supremacists.

Yariv said...

Interesting that the arguments closeky resemble those of CJC and B'nai Brith. The Speechies must be going ballistic.

muscocamoca said...

Finally I see others are cluing into the fact that Ezra and his cellar dwellers have had almost carte blanche in attacking hate speech laws. If it weren't for groups like CJC keeping us centered this argument could have tilted. i am convinced that the advocacy of groups like CJC and B,nai Brith were instrumental in keeping people and politicians on track.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Lemire's rightwing neanderthal friends, things are going from bad to worse for them.

I post this litany to show that we really need not pay so much attention to their ravings. As you will see even harper isn't paying attention.

First, CJC and other "official Jews" support the Jewish/Somali initiative, and the usual suspects go bonkers,

And then we discover that both Jason Kenny and now Israel Consel General Amir Gissin side with CJC,

Then CJC points out that "Shiksa" is not a victim group under our hate laws, the right wing loonies have a hissy fit trying to ridicule Bernie Farber of the CJC;, then a CJN article reports that the Toronto police may now be agreeing with Farber.

And now Levant, BCF, Scaramouche and the others on the loony right howl over section 13 holding Jennifer Lynch CHRC Chief and Farber responsible for its continued existance and now we see that PM Harper agrees with Lynch and Farber O woe it must be!!!!

bigcitylib said...

Chapel, thanks for that. As for comments through the last link, I believe there is one Section 13 case still in process, and I suspect there will be several more filed within the next 6 months or so. So no it hasn't been neutered.

Gerry Calderwood said...

Given the amount of attention paid by these extremists to section 13, aren't they awfully quiet now?