Friday, May 07, 2010

Ipsos Reid Farts Up Another Poll

..and its unchanged:

If an election were held tomorrow, The Tories would capture 35 per cent of the vote, giving them a six-point lead over the Liberals at 29 per cent. The NDP would garner 16 per cent of the vote and the Green party would receive nine per cent.

In Quebec, the Bloc Quebecois would snag 39 per cent of the vote, giving it a huge leg up on the Liberals at 23 per cent, the Conservatives at 19 per cent, the NDP at 13 per cent and the Green party at five per cent.

Mind you, its Canada's worst pollster, so who really cares? I just get feeling guilty if I don't post three things a day.


Gallahad said...


Ipsos Reid farts up another poll.

Yeah, Bricker serves it up alright.

His diaper is full.

Gene Rayburn said...

and it's Friday. Wonder when Fred's going to get back from panhandling at the liquor store to bestow us with his wisdom...

Gallahad said...

Fred was last seen rummaging through trash cans looking for empties.

Canadian Sense was last seen under a bridge sniffing glue (Kinda explains all those mental problems)

Wilson,and Rotterdam are together
taking turns bending over for one another.

Jim, well his head finally exploded, what a mess.

Frunger was last seen being returned to the psycho ward, where he escaped from.

As for the rest of the Con trolls, well you can only guess what those desperately dateless individuals are up tp.

Fred from BC said...

Mind you, its Canada's worst pollster, so who really cares?

Yesterday EKOS had the Conservatives up to 33.1% and the Liberals down to 26.1% (a 7 point difference, one point more than Ipsos). Nanos had it 37.2 to 33.2, a four point difference.

Shouldn't that make EKOS "Canada's worst pollster", and Nanos the best?

I just get feeling guilty if I don't post three things a day.

That would explain some of your more...ummm...'interesting' posts. Like this one.

RuralSandi said...

Did I just hear Fred, B.C. burp?

double nickel said...

More of a "mouth fart" than a burp

Gene Rayburn said...

got a shopping cart full of empties already Fred?

Metro said...

My feeling is "Okay, so let's have the damn election already!"

Anyone know when Harper'll have another "fixed date?"

Look, worst come to the worst we're looking at either a coalition government or a Harpercon majority.

If A) we will at least finally have a representative government instead of the current crop of Reformist theo-cons. If B), perhaps our fellow Canadians will finally see how bad they actually are.

The damage would be nigh on incalculabe, but it would probably assure the Tories a place in the wilderness for the next fifteen years or so.

Mike Brock said...

I think the poll is probably more reflective of voter intentions than you give it credit for.

Canadians are political disengaged and Harper has mastered the Chretienesque fine-art of gopher politics. And like under Chretien, Canadians are optimistic about the economy.

Now, I'm well-known as an anti-Harper guy these days -- and I am. But objectively speaking, I don't think enough Canadians are politically engaged to pay attention to any of the things most political people are paying attention to.

The Afghan detainee issue is a non-starter for most Canadian. Even many left-wing types are unphased by it. Why? Because it's a world away for most people. And like with everything in life, when it's a world away, it doesn't concern you.

Harper instinctively knows this, which is why he's so willing to fight an election on the issue. He knows it resonates with so few people, and pretty much only with people who have never, and would never vote for him.

Let's face it: most Canadians who really care about the detainee issue are NDP voters. Even most urban Liberal voters don't give two-shits about the issue.

I'm not trying to defend any of this. Its just my best stab at objective analysis. And if you spend as much time in watering holes and cafés across Toronto as I do, you know what I'm saying is true.

Fred from BC said...

RuralSandi said...

Did I just hear Fred, B.C. burp?

You know, if you can't think of an intelligent rebuttal to my post or find any fault with the numbers themselves, you could always just choose not to say anything, Sandi.
No one is FORCING you to make childish, sarcastic responses to me, are they? Don't make a fool of yourself for no reason...

(unless you actually share Gallahad and Gene's apparent fondness for scatological humor? Are you 14 years old, too?...:)