Thursday, May 06, 2010

Damn Big Dam, Part II

Lots of coverage in the news about Canada's latest natural wonder--a beaver dam about 850 metres (2,800 feet) long on the southern edge of Wood Buffalo National Park.

Actually, the dam was discovered about two years ago by a Canadian scientist studying Google Earth images. At the time, researcher Jean Thie was kind enough to answer several questions I put to him in regards to the dam.


Frank said...

I guess with the Tories expanding their lead in the polls their is nothing much worth blogging about except beavers and Hamilton harbor crocs (Sheila Copps skinny dipping?). Today wont be much better with British Labour headed for the dust bin.

bigcitylib said...

Won't have much time today but you're right, they're almost cracking the 35% mark. A political juggernaut for sure.

sharonapple88 said...

Has the lead expanded?

The Ekos poll puts them at 33.1%. Even with a 2.3% deviation, this is lower than the 37.65% they've got at the last election. The Liberals are pretty much where they were the last time around.

bigcitylib said...

EKOS has them both a bit lower than that.

Dr.Dawg said...

Amazing. Why has this gone viral now?

Anyway, update at my place with a link to your original post. Fair's fair.