Wednesday, May 12, 2010

And Your Tweets Shall Be Covered In The Blood Of Baby Seals

Noted by a reader, and found at the Merx: Canadian Public Tenders, which offers to hook up companies looking to do business with the Federal Government, with the Federal Government. It looks like the Harper Tories wanted to launch a pro-seal hunt Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter campaign ($50,001 - $100,000's worth) this year.

Social Media and Online Issues Management for the Seal Hunt

Organized opposition to the seal hunt has been increasing internationally since the Government of Canada announced a five-year management plan in 2006.

Well-organized anti-sealing groups are using digital communications to great advantage – effective use of search engine optimization (SEO) techniques, and leveraging Web 2.0 technologies and platforms to build communities of interest have dramatically increased their share of conversation and digital footprint. Tactics also include posting videos, images and other details (frequently incorrect or disingenuous) on platforms like YouTube and Flickr where sharing and viewership are maximized.

As a result, DFAIT would like to engage a firm to help meet described objectives attached herein.

DFAIT is Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada.

Since the RFP was closed in January 2010, and the seal hunt--or what passed for a hunt this year--ended in April, it would be interesting to scroll through YouTube et al and try and figure out what vids and etc. were part of the government's astroturf campaign.


Robert G. Harvie, Q.C. said...

Say what you will, the so-called "little guy", particularly environmental activists, have been very adept at presenting their thoughts in the social media.

Though, I note we haven't heard a lot lately about our "dirty" Alberta oil.

Guess they're too busy cleaning off oil-covered turtles and birds.

Anonymous said...

R.G Harvie, I do not find any virtue in Stephen Harper's government allocating between $50,000 and 100,000 to combat the influence of the so-called "little guy" on twitter and facebook and so forth. Your suggestion that "say what you will" somebody has to fight environmental activists, only reinforces the notion the Stephen Harper crowd are anti-environment. They have done nothing to indicate otherwise.

Worse though, in a time of fiscal restraint, that the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and International Trade should hire such a firm instead of using their own staff - is pretty much an admission of their own bumbling incompetence.