Saturday, May 29, 2010

Grassroots Guergis, Part II

"If it is my only option, say if something happens in the very near future, yes, I will run as an independent," Guergis said.

Hmm. She won with 55% in 2008. I wonder if she could pull enough of the vote as an Indy to tip it Liberal?


CK said...

I'd been saying that she should take a crack at running as an indy...and yes, it could shift Liberal with or without her help, it would seem, unless previous rumours are true and Steve plans to run Dr Kellie Leitch in the riding. She is the head of orthopedic surgery at TO Sick Kids and Western Prof; she would be considered to be a "star" for the Harpercons

Castor Rouge said...

I'd dismiss the Dr. Kellie Leitch "star" factor. While she is a person of note, she is ultimately a carpetbagger, relatively new to the riding (and very new to their association). Much like John Tory got turfed in Kawartha I think you'll find localism/ruralism outpaces Conservatism in the voter base. The wild card is she may actually benefit from a split in the local vote between Andrea Matrosovs, the Liberal, and Helena if she goes independent (provided the national campaign goes well for Team Harper, that is).