Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Warmen Vs. FreeD: What Happens Next?

This was asked in the comments to my earlier post. From the decision:

[46] Accordingly, the appeal is allowed and the matter is remitted to a different motions judge for re-consideration based on the principles set out above.

That is to say, the motion to have FreeD turn over the IPS and email addresses of its anonymous commenters will be reheard by another judge, and Warman asked to, 1) make a prima facie case that the comments directed at him were in fact defamatory, and 2) address the freedom of expression issues raised by the motion to the satisfaction of the this new judge.

So even this part of the case does not appear to have been concluded.

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Meir Weinstein said...

It almost seems to me that Salman Hossain feels immune. He should be watched and more. Please send any information about this aspiring terrorist to jdl@jdl-canada.com Today he posts yet another call for the execution of Jews http://filthyjewishterrorists.com/false-jewish-propaganda-helps-convict-more-than-two-dozen-muslims/ this time he goes one step further calling for the extermination of anyone even harboring Jews.

“This is precisely the reason why we need to start carrying out genocide against the Jewish people. They are carrying out terrorist attacks against innocent civilians, and framing Muslims for it. Their permanent extermination is the only solution. All Muslims locked up in prison because of terror-related charges must be immediately released. Otherwise, Western countries housing Jewish populations must be totally destroyed via nuclear devastation and nuclear radiation poisoning.”

It should be understood that Salman Hussein has boasted to being friends with the "Toronto 18" Terror Suspects. Salman Hussein lives in Mississauga as do some of the "Toronto 18" Terror Suspects. The Police have known about this aspiring Terrorist for over two years and no charges have yet to be given to him. But, Mark Steyn and Ezra Levant were quickly dragged through the Canadian Court system and accused of spreading hate. There is an obvious triple standard that we can not tolerate. In the case of Mark Steyn, he wrote a book about demographic changes that pose a clear threat and Ezra Levant reprinted cartoons from a Danish newspaper. The JDL requires assistance in monitoring Salman Hussein and his 'friends'.