Thursday, May 20, 2010

Grassroots Guergis?

The federal Conservatives were polling vigorously a couple of weeks ago over Guergis and various scenarios, including what would happen if she ran as an “independent conservative.”

One Conservative said her grassroots support had dried up as innumerable candidates wanted her job.

But that may have all changed this week as Simcoe — Grey members of the executive were rumoured to be resigning in significant numbers over the federal actions.

Just rumours, but we'll have to watch where this goes. Why not run as an IndyCon? Its not like she owes the CPoC anything.


Reality Bites said...

I can't imagine the party brass caring if the local exec resigns en masse.

I imagine they're rather hoping they do.

From their point of view, they're better off losing the seat than having her as MP for their party.

Tof KW said...

They don't care Reality Bites, no more than they did when parachuted Raith into Halton over the objections of the local riding association.

bigcitylib said...

You're both probably right. Still, at some point there might be something of a party rebellion. Dion's hand picked candidates all went down in flames, if I remember.

Niles said...

Never forget the flip side of the coin either. Rob Anders. The feds didn't mind a whit in pissing off the riding association trying to turf his posterior from his golden throne or theoretical votes associated thereto. Less now they've all resigned or been replaced.

Unless the riding has any swing potential in it, their attitude seems to be whaddya gonna do, vote liberal? bwahahahahahahha. And so far, the voters in that riding have hung their heads and voted Conservative anyway.