Friday, May 07, 2010

Should Have Seen It Coming

When Taylor blogs something you know its been fed to him from CPoC Central. Given that the date on the post is April 22nd, Mr. Lee and Co. should have seen this coming. I mean...and I know its easy for me to say...but he had two weeks to have the insufficiently clear material removed from the website. He didn't, and a promising line of attack re shady Tory lobbying practices is temporarily blunted. Bad Mr. Lee! BAD!


KURSK said...

Yes, because God knows that the optics of being seen as doing something wrong are far worse than actually, you know, doing something wrong.

bigcitylib said...

You've nailed it.

Stephen Taylor said...

Why would CPC research 'soft' release something like this through my blog when they'd get the most traction by saving it for QP? You don't tend to show your cards until you can make the best play.

BTW, speaking about feeding people content, where's my h/t for the Nickelback photo? ;)