Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Duceppe In Flames

"Will it really help women to send preachers … to Africa or to have the Bible translated. What a huge help and so essential."


"How can the government explain that it is spending up to $800,000 on religious groups or sects - because that is what they are - while cutting funding for organizations that are helping women battle poverty on the ground?"

Any idea what particular group/s he's talking about? (the ones translating bibles, I mean)


Anonymous said...

Go Gilles!

Gallahad said...

Gilles Ducceppe,

For Prime Minister!!!!!

The Mound of Sound said...

That's such a lovely contrast - Gilles Duceppe and Bev Yoda!

Tof KW said...

If only the Bloc would drop that whole separation thing - Gilles would probably be PM now.

bigcitylib said...

T of KWQ,

That's what I think. And then Mitsou would belong to all of us.

Anonymous said...

Yeah baby!

A Eliz. said...

Duceppe is correct about this Religious Right, and what it is doing to us.

chris said...

Scroll down.

Tof KW said...

Annie... said...
"Duceppe is correct about this Religious Right, and what it is doing to us."

Agreed, and it is high time all the opposition parties call out the Reformatories on this.

I was raised in a Roman Catholic home and am still very much a person of faith. But I refuse to allow any one group dictate the morals for a nation. Once the government attempts to legislate morality, we begin to follow the slippery slope to becoming Iran - Islam or Christianity makes little difference in a theocracy.

The Liberals should be the ones calling out Harper's toying with the evangelical right ...this is a group NO political party should be courting.

Anonymous said...

That is creepy. Foreign Affairs and International Trade as twitter campagne.

Omar said...

"Agreed, and it is high time all the opposition parties call out the Reformatories on this."

For some Liberal bloggers (hello, Steve V) the Conservative party and their theocracy angles and issues are considered unimportant and a waste of time for the Liberals to pursue believing to do so would produce ineffectual results. This is severely wrongheaded. To think that by ignoring the issue these religious zealots and their End of Days mind set are going to simply go away is dangerous. Go Gilles, indeed.

wilson said...

So any funding to women's groups that are not pro-abortion are religious groups that must be demonized........

Yet, Parliament being supreme and all, voted NO to Cdn taxpayers funding 3rd world abortions.
Liberal MPs ensured the Liberal motion was killed.

What is the LPC going to do about their scary religious right MPs?

Unknown said...

"So any funding to women's groups that are not pro-abortion are religious groups that must be demonized........"

What's the basis for your claim that "Chakam School of the Bible" and "Wycliffe Bible Translators" are "women's groups", rather than religious?

Gayle said...

Oh wilson

What a joyless world you must live in, what with it being black and white and all.

Here's a thought. Maybe the fact some liberal MP's did not vote for the government including funding for abortion in their maternal health care plan does not necessarily mean these same MP's support withdrawing funding for feminist groups, and adding funding to right wing religious groups.

Think about that and get back to me.

wilson said...

Pop quiz Gayle, who said:

'..for many of us faith remains the main motivator for how we practice politics and make policy..'' ?

and who
" appointed an Ontario caucus member to lead in outreach to faith-based groups and recently participated in what was billed as a session of dialogue and debate organized by the Canadian Council of Churches." ?

answer found in the 2nd story from this link
-Joe Comartin
-Michael Ignatieff

wilson said...

what funding to right wing religious groups?
Did Duceppe provide a list, a breakdown?
Duceppe tossed ALL funding that was not pro-abortion into one category.

Are women's shelter organizers right wing scary religious people to be feared?

A Eliz. said...

Wilson should read Armageddon by M.McDonald, perhaps it would make him actually think!

wilson said...

Well Annie, perhaps you should read about the real threat to Canadians,
our home grown terrorists, 200 are being investigated right now.

I'm not religious, not one bit (nor am I a 'he') but I can tell you that fear does not strick my heart when I hear of religious groups feeding the poor or helping the sick and infirmed.

This culture war has been going on since PMSH was elected CPC leader in 2003.....
how's that working out for yah Liberals?

wilson said...

Go how did that pop quiz go Gayle?

Shocked to find out that a prominent NDP member (and many more) practices politics and makes policy based on his FAITH???

Hard to imagine Iffy participating in Church organized debates?

Gene Rayburn said...

wow someone hit something touchy with wilson though at 20 paces even Id confuse her for a man.

Terence said...

The Liberals are organizing themselves to ensure the reformatories don't get anywhere close to enough seats to stop the Libs from getting a majority next time out. Putting the culture of deceit continuously in front of Canadians has allowed the population to see how dishonest and unethical Harper and his muppets are. Hell, he can't even get his own popularity over 30%

Terence said...

Wilson...further to my last post. Don't try and weigh Iggy's popularity against Harpoon's. Past stats will show you that opposition leaders cannot get polling respect.....Harper in 2005 for example was below 20% at one point.

Read Don martin's column in the NP today for more religious instruction in your favorite party.

Gayle said...

wilson, wilson, wilson

I am a Christian.

However, that does not mean I feel the need to force my faith on others. And those little quotes of yours does not support your little black and white world where religious people all do so.

How do Ignatieff and Comartin feel about defunding feminist organizations again?

Oh yeah...

You really should try a little colour. Start with shades of grey and move on from that.

PS - do you know anyone who is "pro abortion"? I know I don't.

I know a lot of people who believe in choice though.

Gallahad said...

Opposition leaders tend to have low ratings.

When Chretien was LOO, his approval numbers were also low. He was written off as yesterday's man, and the man who would never become PM.

We all know how that worked out now don't we?

There is an interesting Nanos poll out on the leadership index numbers. Stephen Harper's aggregate score is 79. For a sitting PM, that is abysmal.

Stephen Harper is not popular. People tend to just tolerate him on most days.

He is not in majority territory in the National polls either. After four years he has not moved the yardstick one inch. The conservatives should seriously be asking themselves what the problem is.

And Wilson, you may be a nice girl but your straw man arguments are tiresome.

Tof KW said...

"The conservatives should seriously be asking themselves what the problem is."

That's easy and it's what I've been saying since 2003. Stephen Harper would have made an excellent premier for Alberta, but that's about the extent of his political reach. The only reason he is Prime Minister is by default, the electorate rejected the Liberals after 13 years in power. The new CPofC choose very badly in not tossing aside the manure smell of the Reform Party.

The solution for the party is very simple, dump Harper and pick a true fiscal conservative (as opposed to neo-liberal economist Harper) without the firebrand populism and social conservative baggage. Oh ya, and after Manning, Day and Harper ...pick someone who IS NOT from Alberta.

If the CPofC can get their heads out of Harper's ass and make themselves into a big tent party, they might be surprised to find they can reach popularity levels of over 40% without really trying.

Although it may not seem like it, Harper sticking around is probably the Grits best shot at reclaiming government.

Anonymous said...

Another creepy thing about that list in the CBC article, if you look at the funding to Ontario Golf Magazine - it's touted as an initiative aimed at supporting Burlington based magazines. The publisher, however is Osprey Media which is owned by Quebecor's Sun Media. And they need $24,000 from Heritage Canada because...?

Anonymous said...

Go Gilles! Bev Oda talks like she's on some dopamine enhancers in that clip.