Friday, May 07, 2010

On Being Whipped

MP Glen Pearson on the gun registry vote:

In the rush to get to our caucus meeting on Wednesday, I rode in an elevator with two Conservative MPs from urban ridings, both complaining of being whipped to vote against the gun registry. It was hardly a moment of revelation, as we’ve known for months that Conservatives are divided on the issue. A few hours later, when in a particularly brutal QP John Baird upbraided the Liberal leader for whipping his team to vote for the registry, I watched a number of government members on the other side stare blankly, knowing that Baird and others had done exactly the same thing with them.

So we know where the two major parties are on the issue: they will in effect be treating C-391 as a government bill and instructing their MPs accordingly. What about the NDP? Whether the registry lives or dies now rests with them. Will they bring their folks into line to save it? After a few encouraging words back in April, Mr. Layton has gone silent. Let's see what's going on at the NDP website.

Ah yes! They're calling for Peace in The Mid-East. When it comes to advocating causes affecting the other side of the planet, these guys are always out in front.


RuralSandi said...

They're calling for peace in the Middle East - well, duh - isn't everyone?

Glen Pearson is such an honest person. Bets on when the Cons will try to destroy him?

Big Winnie said...

RS, I'm sure the Cons have their "henchmen" already trying to dig up dirt on Pearson.

As a "political junkie", I and others who are in the same boat knew this was going to be a whippd vote by the Cons but to the average person who doesn't follow politics, they won't see this. That has to change!!

Reality Bites said...

The Conservative way is to just not call things whipped votes while marching in lockstep.

"Bad old Liberals with their whipped votes. We just all happen to think exactly alike. And the fact that Harper can and will refuse to allow me to run again if I displease him has nothing to do with anything. Honest."

Skinny Dipper said...

Thank goodness the Conservatives aren't going to have any appointed candidates in the next federal election. Cough, cough! 144-1 (Guergis) = 143.

RuralSandi said...

I think, because of the Speaker's ruling, Harper's on a vendetta against Derek Lee and I wonder who's next - Jack Harris?