Friday, August 27, 2010

A Few Average Men, Redux

The Tories have scared up a few, in fact precisely two, "regular guys" to come talk up their changes to the census at the INDU meeting this morning. Or at least I am assuming that talk radio ranter and Fox News North wannabe David Ruthorford will be on-side. In addition, Lawrie McFarlane, editorial writer for the Times-Colonist, has made his feelings clear. And that seems to be it from the schedule that I can see. Even the gal from B.C. civil liberties seems pro-long form.

Update: Looks like the Tories have found another talk show guy; Lowell Green will be appearing.

Update: Tories also found James Henderson, whose bitches turned out to be with the still mandatory agricultural census, and Joseph Lam, the vice-president of the Canada First Community Organization, to speak on behalf of regular folk.


Oxford County Liberals said...

So if I get the strategy; it will be basically to get these guys to say: I support this move, and so do all my callers; ergo, the Canadian public (or at least those who are "regular people") support the changes to the Census.

Tof KW said...

Yes it's stupid right-wingnut talk show hosts and their stupid callers ...versus business and labour organizations, every major religious organization, the BAR, universities, provincial and municipal governments, urban planners, statisticians, economists (real ones - not like Harper), etc, etc, etc.

The Harper Conservatives:
...the party of stupid

Niles said...

Rightwing talkshow hosts are 'average' Canadians?

So, we're going the Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck route as final arbiters of "REAL" now are we?

The Canadian versions of those 'free speechers' must be weeping in gratitude on their knees for the upping of media profiles.