Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Crunch Time, Liberals

D'you want to endure this man smiling for the rest of your natural life?

And, oh yeah, there's the leadership question, too. If Iggy can't hold the troops in line here there will be immediate and intense speculation as to his continued viability as Liberal Leader, which he may not survive. Imagine the painstaking work of the last three months strangled in its crib, clubbed with a brick, and then spit upon.



Terrence said...


I was wondering if a really bad flu was about to break out in the Liberal caucus.

Gayle said...

Heard it from a friend who, heard it from a friend who...

Whatever they have to say to get people worried. Taylor knows nothing. he's just stirring the pot.

JF said...

Honestly, if anyone doesn't show up tomorrow they should be immediately booted from caucus and refused nomination papers. No appeals, no excuses, no waiting, you're a team player or you're not and if you're not then bye bye.

ridenrain said...

All it's going to take is one or two to miss the vote...

That's what you get when you let ideology pick your fights instead of thinking them out.

CanadianSense said...

Don't worry, be happy!

What are the odds of another bad day at the office?

Did anyone book another mea culpa with George at CBC just in case?

Tof KW said...

Stephen Taylor? The same Stephen Taylor who spread those 'rumours' that Ruby Dhalla & two other Libs were crossing the floor last year? Ya, there's a reliable source there. The perfect example of it doesn't have to be true, it just needs to sound believable.

bigcitylib said...

Hey, I'm not saying I believe him. But he'd BETTER be wrong.

Terrence said...

If enough Liberal members call in sick that the registry is abolished, isn't it more likely that Ignatieff will get the boot than those members?

I mean, not right away, but it would be a pretty serious blow to his leadership creds.

Gene Rayburn said...

Hey Armpitstain just made a statement that shows the lack of wisdom of the conservative party

"That's what you get when you let ideology pick your fights instead of thinking them out."

Rigid and stupid ideology seems to be the way of Tory fools. Thanks Armpitstain!

Gene Rayburn said...

Terence, are you trying to make sense because your muddled attempt to be a pot stirrer just sounds meandering.

You should ask the wanking fool Oakville Crackpot to give you tips on how to ask pointless off-topic questions.

Wank away Conbots!

Tof KW said...

Gene, ridofbrain's lobotomy left the poor sap unable to detect the hypocrisy in those words. Just let it fly, the tool's too stupid to understand it.

Jim Parrett said...

C'mon, we're talking Stephen Taylor of the widely discredited Blogging Tories here. Take it for what it's worth. Nothin'.

Tof KW said...

| | |

My point earlier good sir.

Terrence said...

Just asking a question, Gene.

Also, our illustrious host, BCL, was the first one to suggest that Liberal members skipping out would hurt Ignatieff's leadership.

I was just taking that thought to its logical conclusion.

Terrence said...

In fact, to speculate further...

If I were a Liberal with leadership ambitions but no conscience, I might actually encourage other Liberals to stay home, knowing the death of the registry would badly damage the leader's credibility.

Anyone know what Bob Rae's been up to lately? ;-)

double nickel said...

I "heard" that Stephen Taylor blows dead goats. Don't know for sure though, I just heard it.

wilson said...

'Anyone know what Bob Rae's been up to lately? ;-)'

He and 18 other Lib MPs didn;t show up in QP yesterday,
were they there today?

Tof KW said...

Speaking of blowing goats...
wilson, nice cut & paste from the flogging bories.

Rae has been in Nepal at a UN seminar, but don't worry he and the other 17 be on the Hill tomorrow.

Gayle said...

Way to go BCL. Wilson finally feels like she has someting to gloat about so now she has come back here. She never shows up when things look bad for Harper.

Mind you, when all she has to hang on to is the suggestion that some LPC MPs might not show up tomorrow, you know there are slim pickin's in conservative land...

As for Taylor's little theory - worry about it if it actually happens. A party leader does not lose his leadership because a couple MP's do not follow the party line. Instead, those party members lose their party standing. Just ask Helena Guergis.

It is that simple.

Unknown said...

Wilson and Canadian sense.. the bloggg voices of the reformatorts, combined with rumour monger Taylor.

I think Iggy has full control of his caucus and has a plan to protect the MP's who feel their ridings are in danger.

Also the very fact jim Flatulence and other cabinet ministers are out flapping their gums with idle threats tells me the reformatorts are now in desperate territory.

CanadianSense said...

It is funny reading retorts about a political party that does not exist any longer.

Living in the past and glory day seems to be pattern for Liberals.

OBAMA ran against G.W.B. successfully instead of McCain. It won't work a second time.( Bet on it)

Will Obama become Jimmy Carter and usher in a Reagan republican?

Bill Clinton warns to not underestimate tea party.

MSM US Cable news is losing viewers. How is Fox doing?

Liberals have tried to bring up scary, republican, Christians, gun toting, bigots meme for years.

Funny thing is Rob Ford has turned the Toronto Liberal media on its head.

Just like Stoffer, read the comments in the local papers.

He was caught pedaling a 13 year record on scrapping LGR.

Karma? You betcha!

Reminds me of the politicians claiming to have family values but caught in extra marital affairs.

Game over! It is crunch time for promises made to be kept.

Voters will decide and not the bloggers, media on which candidate if fit for office.

sharonapple88 said...

Living in the past and glory day seems to be pattern for Liberals.

Well so do Conservatives, or at least that's my take from the fact that you noted the following a few lines later

Will Obama become Jimmy Carter and usher in a Reagan republican?


Reminds me of the politicians claiming to have family values but caught in extra marital affairs.

Yeah, a lot of them tend to be Conservative . ;)

There was a running joke for a while that if a politician supported a position, it meant that they were violating it. There was Mark Souder, who supported abstinence education but at the sametime was having an affair. Or that other politician who chaired the House caucus on missing and exploited children and was hitting on young pages. Currently, there's Christine O'Donnell who wants to bring fiscal responsibility to Washingston who also has a hard time paying her own bills.

As for Rob Ford, the man is a walking contradiction (or in other words a hypocrite.)

From the article: "It doesn’t seem to matter that the man who bills himself as a plain-spoken straight shooter was evasive about a 1999 pot and drunk-driving bust. It doesn’t seem to matter that a candidate who calls City Hall corrupt has just been called to account for breaking integrity rules."

Tof KW said...

CS - just what do Obama, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, the GOP, the tea-baggers, FoxNews ...or any of your US political references have to do with the LGR vote today?

Tof KW said...

CS wrote:
OBAMA ran against G.W.B. successfully instead of McCain. It won't work a second time.( Bet on it)

Totally off topic (typical for you CS) but I love that gem. For what it's worth the two were very much running against each other and pretty even in the polls, until McCain selected Palin as his running mate. Obama then was running against Palin. I seriously believe that if McCain selected someone competent (for example convincing Connie Rice to join him - black & female, and more importantly NOT bat-shit crazy) he could be the US president right now. It would have given him a 50/50 chance anyhow.

Omar said...

If Iggy can't hold the troops in line here..

If that were to happen I will never ever vote Liberal again. Well, until such time as that handsome Trudeau lad takes hold of the reins and rides in on his white stallion to save the motherfucking day! Then I'm back, baby!

CanadianSense said...


I agree with your post 100% about the past of each candidate is fair game.

The disconnect is the pundits, media agenda is not consistent in determining what disqualifies you vs the voter.

The US politics is much dirtier with mudslinging.

Voters will determine what the last straw in turfing out an MP, candidate or government.

larry laurant said...

"Reminds me of the politicians claiming to have family values but caught in extra marital affairs."

Ah yes. We know this well. Generally, I find the ones most zealous in their preaching of morals, and their high road in the world of Christianity, the further in men's bathrooms they are found.

Funny that.

I'm watching conservatives everywhere just wet themselves with glee over Rob Ford apparently breaking into Toronto, "the bastion of all things liberal", but really, one needs to step back a wee bit with some semblance of sanity and look at the whole thing in context.

A conservative friend ( a real one not the brand Harper and crew pedals I surmise) said under his breath that he should be careful what he wishes for should there be a right leaning Toronto mayor, and Ontario provincial premier.

Interesting things happen at the federal level.

CanadianSense said...

Also reminds me snake-oil environmentalists posing as politicians who regularly travel on jets, have 4,000 sq.ft houses and drive.

Tof KW said...

Final vote
153 to 151
The LGR is still the law

larry laurant said...

politicians peddle snake oil?

Well, I never would have thought.

Amazing the revelations one uncovers on a small tour of blogs.

CanadianSense said...

The Democrat MPs did not support the Holland motion were considered vulnerable?

Do you think Democrat line we don't whip "free votes" will work anymore? Jack had safest seats save the registry.

Will pro-LGR voters reward the Lib-Dem in fundraising and membership in the 3rd, 4th quarter?

Any bets?

bigcitylib said...

I have a new thread for gloating at top of page.

Tof KW said...

Just to finish where this thread got started, this vote does go to prove - yet again - that Stephen Taylor just makes up shit.

See everyone over at the gloating section.

Anonymous said...

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