Monday, September 27, 2010

National Captital Region Planning New Museum

Digging through Merx, where the feds and the provinces provide info on public tenders, can be fun on a slow news day:

Requests for Proposals are sought from consulting firms, museum planners or communications firms to provide services in the planning of a new Canada Science and Technology Museum (CSTM). The Canada Science and Technology Museums Corporation (CSTMC) will engage one team to assist the corporation in its exercising of due diligence for the development of a Business Case for a new CSTM. This business case will build on the Concept Master Plan for a new CSTM completed in September 2009, and will include the production of a concise, high quality document and a number of facilitated discussions with potential stakeholders. The conclusions of the business case will inform future work on this project. The CSTMC is committed to following as much as possible green processes in the development of its new science and technology museum and this commitment extends to all phases of the project including this one. The total budget for fees and disbursements (excluding travel expenses) for this phase of the project cannot exceed $ 175,000.

This is one of the Ottawa museums that I've missed on my occasional visits, mostly because I've been told that it isn't very good. Given the reviews, it looks like gov. would want to rebuild the "windowless one-floor warehouse" that currently houses the exhibits.


Omar said...

Yeah, the Science and Technology museum is pretty bad, but we loved going there as kids. All Hail the Crooked Kitchen!

double nickel said...

You mean the Reformatories are going all sciency on us? Are there two moons in the sky? Will creationism be included? Inquiring minds want to know.