Saturday, September 25, 2010

Defund Macleans

If they want to publish crap like this, then remember: they're still sucking $1,000,000 or so off the government titty via the Canada Periodical Fund. Why not take that money away from them?

And, just to be clear as to what's going on here: this an attempt by Ken Whyte, once of the National Post, to stir up some enmity against La Belle Province so as to sell a few copies of his slowly fading magazine to knuckle-draggers.

I'd also point out that, as far as I know, any publications accepting handouts from the periodical fund are still subject to questionable content complaints. If Macleans wants to trash a quarter of the population, maybe it should do so exclusively employing funding from the private sector.


CanadianSense said...

Truth hurts?

Calling out Quebec Politicians is not Quebec bashing.

Every party Federal-Provincial has been mired in problems.

If Quebec is not the WORST which comparable province is worse Ontario?

Robert McClelland said...

Oh just STFU you tard. You'd be having a conniption if Macleans had an issue that had 'Alberta: the dirtiest province' on the cover.

bigcitylib said...

Macleans would be too frightened of the backlash to ever criticize Alberta in those terms.

CS makes my point. He's one of the knuckle draggers, stirred up right on schedule.

CanadianSense said...

I don't live in Alberta and the media is free to engage in bashing any politician.

Why should I give a fig about calling QC's political class the most corrupt?

Are you two in a conflict of interest to protect the Quebec political class?

CK said...

Canadian Sense: Better watch who's reading your comments now. This "corrupt" Quebecer sure is reading. And while we're at it, let's get something straight now...That Alberta tar sand money you & your "friends" love to claim supports our "platinum soshalist programs" that you're so jealous of? Wrong! That money goes to our protection racket. Ssshhh! Now don't tell anyone...

Jealous that your little life wherever you live is so boring? You can only watch "the sopranos" on tv or rent "the Godfather"--we actually live it!

At least, we're not stuck with Rob Ford.

Now, if you'll excuse me, gotta stuff my husband's violin case...he's off to the witness protection program tonight.

You only wish you had it as good as I do! And we Montreal Elites speak 2 languages!

Omar said...

A month or so ago I read that Lady Gaga had told a Toronto concert audience "Your panties smell good, Toronto!" I laughed and thought, yeah? wait until she smells Montreal's!

Anonymous said...

McClelland, I have a dear friend who is mentally challenged. Is the offensive word "tard" (which he hears all too often) really necessary?

Offroad Artist said...

I agree with BCL. Sure there is plenty of corruption in QC. But how do you measure this stuff? And who even knows about most of it? Like how about B.C. overpaying Teck Resources $825 mil for a one-third share of the excess power from the Waneta Dam... and Teck's stock going from $3.90 to $33 over roughly the same time frame. Was this included in the ratings? Somehow I doubt it. So I think BCL's proposed reason for the article is very plausible.

CanadianSense said...


Your postings confirm you are an angry person. Geography has nothing to do with your issues.

The profile from Patrick Ross sounds fairly accurate in describing your mental state.

It might all those vegetables that are non-organic.

You should check out the toxicity reports on vegetables.

Unknown said...

Canadian nonsense, no one is angry. They just think you are nuts and we have lots of proof for that.

Your Oakville MP avoids you like the plague becasue even he is embarrassed by you.

I don't see you quoting your useless stats these days....someone must have finally explained things to you.

Tof KW said...

Terry, I gave CS a good shellacking here a few threads ago by finally calling her out on a specific piece of her bullshit that was totally unsubstantiated. Kind of funny the crackpot is here for more. Must be a masochist on top of all the other disorders.

CanadianSense said...

Terry Quinn Parnel who bragged he is a major donor to the Liberals but does not come up on the Elections Canada Website...too funny.

No need to get angry, I am sure the drop of three million 2010 vs 2009 (first two QTR's) is part of "the master plan" in the Federal Liberals strategy to win back the voters.

Apparently Larry Bagnell is the only MP in the NORTH thinks like the leader from Toronto.

The Premier is not impressed. Heck you even have stirred up the aboriginals in Saskatchewan!

The "unifier" Ignatieff I am impressed.

At least the Bus won't have to leave the GTA to reach all the remaining voters.

Oh wait Rob Ford is leading in Toronto.

At least you have Danny Williams onside, oh snap no DW next time either!

CanadianSense said...


I was impressed with your begging me to provide you with proof to make your point.

It was fun having you defend the wasteful Liberal boondoggle and the wedge politics from Graves-Donolo.

Tof KW said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tof KW said...

CS - you made a false statement and I requested a source to backup your claim - you could not. That's called losing in a debate.

CanadianSense said...

How sad,

"I now ask you to likewise do some research and prove to me that the Harper is NOT using the LGR as a wedge issue." -TofKW

Proving you are wrong is not a challenge TofKW.

Thanks for coming out again.

wilson said...

Macleans already had taxpayer funding cut nearly in half,
the Govt did that last month,
they Macleans receives 'only' the maximum $1.5 Million.

Cutting them all off,
including CBC,
suits me fine!
How many doctors could $1.5 Billion pay, per year?

CK said...

Canadians Nonsense is a she? Who knew?

Patsy Ross, stalker extraordinaire who couldn't understand that he was not wanted after having 11 IP addresses banned at my site?? I'd worry about the company you're keeping, sweetie. But then, maybe you two would make the perfect couple from hell. As you were!

CanadianSense said...


Anger management issues?

You tried to make a point, it failed. You than demanded I prove your point when you failed.

You only have yourself to blame for the weaksauce you peddle as a partisan. Thankfully I don't have to defend the LGR.

The LGR is clearly a wedge issue, no matter what side of that wedge you are on. Go Google “Harper Wedge Issue” and see all the hits you get. I can produce all sorts of opinion pieces from many sources about everything to the arts cuts in the last election, to the LGR. And I admit laziness in my earlier post as that was just from the first page of hits I tried.

I now ask you to likewise do some research and prove to me that the Harper is NOT using the LGR as a wedge issue.

(Request denied do your research and provide your own rhetorical answers)

CanadianSense said...


Hubby out again? Shouldn't you be out burning those Macleans magazines?

Just curious CK do you hope we get the UN nod or like Ignatieff think others are more deserving?

Do you know if he has plans to move to Germany or Portugal if they win?

Martha and Bob did a nice damage control.

Wilson I agree with BCL on defunding Macleans if we can extend it across the board fairly to all media including the CBC.

double nickel said...

I'd pay good money to see a little girl on girl action between Wilson and Canadian Nonsense. Does that make me a bad person?

CK said...

No Double Nickel, we all have a sense of morbid curiosity and we all have our guilty pleasures. But Wilson and Canadian NonSense?? Yuck! Although, that would make a good late Saturday Nite bleu nuit movie on Fox News North, now wouldn't it?

Canadian NonSense, do you not know how to read? Perhaps Ian Davey was right. I posted earlier that my hubby went into the witness protection program.

Oh and Canadian NonSense, I think I hear your mommy calling; she says it's time for your medication and she need the computer now. Run along, now. Take Wilson with you.

Unknown said...

Saying Quebec politicians are corrupt isn't an assault on all Quebecois. I'm from Saskatchewan and--especially during the Grant Devine years, urg--we have had some extreme corruption as well. This isn't a reflection on all Saskatchewanites. Quebec is a little hypersensitive and it lowers the quality of national debate.

That said, I think that calling Quebec out out for being corrupt is just silly. Every government has its corruption and to single one out is simply an inflammatory headline grabber. It still doesn't reflect on all of Quebec or its people though.

CanadianSense said...


Incorrect, you requested I prove the PM was not using the LGR as a wedge issue after pointing out your links to Shiela Copps, Larwrence Martin and an angry editorial letter did not prove your case.

Do you enjoy punching yourself in face?

Omar said...

He/she is the epitome of obtuse. A far worse condition then merely being stupid.

CanadianSense said...


You admit to be lazy with your proof and after failing to make you case with biased sources than you demanded I provide I prove our PM is "not doing it" too funny.

A proof is a good proof won't work.

Tof KW said...

Fine, just to bury you CS - go look up the latest editorial from Jeffrey Simpson (That bang? It could’ve been Stephen Harper shooting himself in the foot).

"What the gun registry vote mostly does, therefore, is strengthen the Conservatives where they are already overwhelmingly strong, and possibly give them a good issue in some NDP and Liberal-held ridings in rural or semi-rural areas. But for every one of those opposition-held ridings where keeping the registry might serve the Conservatives well, there are just as many where their stand is a political liability.

Simpson is stating the obvious, that there are two sides to every wedge. Craig Oliver on CTV News after the LGR vote also said Harper needs to weight any gains in rural votes versus what he can potentially lose in Quebec and urban ridings. My local paper the KW Record also echoes this line of though in their editorial last Friday.

Now you are saying there is only one side in a wedge issue. I asked you to back up your claim, and you can not.

CS just fuck off already. I know you won't, but seriously, you're only looking stupider with each post you make here claiming victory.

CanadianSense said...

Tofkw, aka Clyde

You did not make your case before by citing Sheila Copps Hill Times article.

Now you don't win any points with Jeffery Simpson.

Feel free to cite Glen Pearson or Warren Kinsella to make your case.

Right turn Clyde!

Dr.Dawg said...

CS is Patsy.

CanadianSense said...

Dr. Dawg,

How is taking the "high road" working out?

Many of us don't share your joy for the socialist world view of PSAC or big government.

Tof KW said...

CS - you're as bad a failure at stocking as you are at blogging. Patsy!

Gene Rayburn said...

Oh man,

Do I have to bring up the CS speculation about

a) her love affair with John Nunziata (though this is probably just an affair in her head).

b) her Michael Ignatieff fetish in which she i) finds Iggy sexy or ii) looks like a female Iggy.

c) some sort of weird issue with the liberals due to some sort of unidentified personal issue.

The mental state of CS has been a well documented thing for years now. Along with her propensity for public masturbation.

It's like the chimp at the zoo that cant stop wanking whenever the tour guide comes by.