Friday, September 24, 2010

Fox News North Moves To Center, And Leishman Is Out

These days you have to read the Toronto Sun Family Blog to hear the good stuff about Fox News North. The latest: since Kory Teneycke's departure their newspaper chain is undergoing a political correction. TSFB quotes the editorial staff at the London Free Press:

The Sun Media chain of newspapers made a conscious decision in the last months to be clearer of editorial voice and, knowing its market for compact newspapers - let’s just call them tabloids - veered more right on the political spectrum in its opinion columns and editorials or points-of-view, as we call them.

But it has since realized that what’s good for the tabloids in big cities such as Toronto and Calgary and Edmonton, might not be as good for the 20 or so community broadsheet newspapers it owns in Ontario cities such as London and Kingston and St. Catharines, as well as smaller centres such as Sarnia, Chatham-Kent and Woodstock.

If that coffee group keeps an eye on things for the next weeks, I think it will note a certain nudge back to a more centrist view of things that includes voices from more of a range of political views.

So, Sun Media clearly wants to scrub some of Teneycke's influence from its editorial and opinion pages. This is also evident in the rehiring of Peter Zimonjic.

The Free Press editors' blog notes further that writer Rory Leishman is no longer with the paper. More information is said to coming on that story, but we can safely assume it was over the dust-up re this column on "Islamist Extremism", which the LFP refused to publish on Sept. 11th.


MgS said...

The real question is whether they will permit Ezra LeRant to continue spewing on their pages.

UU4077 said...

I find that the London Free Press has become a real disappointment lately - especially after dropping Greg Weston and Eric Margolis and adding Ezra. At least they provided some balance to the rest of the crap - Rory included.

I'm surprised that Gwynne Dyer is still in the Freeps. Maybe it's because he rarely writes about Canada.

John Locke said...

"Center"??? Really? Was the American spelling on purpose, maybe trying to show the incremental creeping of Amerancisms into our Canadian lexicon? Or, perhaps, the influence of the US tea-party movement on the right-wingers here?

UU4077 said...

There's a comment from the new editor in today's London Free Press talking about his decision and even providing the link for Rory's website with the column et. al.