Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I Can't Bust A Move well as I could when the footage was shot. Nevertheless, here's me doing my superiority dance. Play it loud. Oh, and any Tories thinking of making this an election issue--come get some, girlykins.


Gene Rayburn said...

So when is that fool Jim going to come and "rub our noses into the demise of the gun registry?"

Snort, Chortle. I expect a spazzout of unprecedented levels when he rears his mouldy head.

Terrence said...

Hey, Mr. Layton,

Could you tell me the meaning behind this nickname you've chosen for this forum? Are you a fan of integers?

Kidding, kidding.

CanadianSense said...

Interesting analysis. The Persians won the battle of battle of thermopylae.

How did the War work out?

Terrence said...

I AM a fan of integers, though. Who wouldn't be?

Tof KW said...

Loving how the Reformatards are threatening this in the next election.

Bring it on - it can't happen soon enough for me.

80% of all Canadians (2006 StatsCan Census) are urban residents. Quebec has always been the strongest supporter for the registry. Good luck with winning their hearts and minds of urban, women and Quebec voters on that road to getting a majority Sweaterboy. Kiss the wedge.

Oh, and making this a central theme is really smart when Canadians want to hear about jobs and stopping stupid government spending ($1 billion weekend photo-ops, $16 billion for un-tendered jets, mega-jails for mysterious unregistered crime, ballooning advertising bill a la EAP signs).

Looking forward to the writ dropping.

Omar said...

I sure wish Niki Ashton was my Member of Parliament. Her after vote CBC Newsworld commentary was stimulating! If she ever loses her gig an an NDP MP, she'd fit right in over at Harper-Con central. Oh, and I am glad that the racist white male GUN NUTS lost today too. HAHAHAHAHHA

Holly Stick said...

intfan is spamming ProgBlog sites.

Gene Rayburn said...

Oakville Crackpot selectively choses a battle to illustrate her subjective view.

Good luck with that war though. You havent won it yet and my money sure aint on you.

But hey, keep wanking CS. Im sure you have plenty of tissues.

CanadianSense said...

Another Red Herring, this is not a female, urban rural issue.

Do you think the majority of gun owners live on farms?

Do you think the partial registry that cost between 66- 100 million per year will help the Liberals?

Are Liberals invoking fear, personal tragedy, emotion after losing the evidence and facts based debate?

Which posters repeat cyber bullying tactics on a regular basis instead on dealing with the topic?

bigcitylib said...


Yawn. You've working that same line for years.

ifan said...

CanadianSense is a Reformatard.

Ban him :)

bigcitylib said...

Intfan, your entertainment value is decreasing. I am only allowing you to comment here to enhance the intensity of the gloating experience. Please respect that.

ifan said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
bigcitylib said...

Michael Harkov=Intfan=The Observer.

Interesting that you are so sloppy with your pseuds.

CanadianSense said...


Can you provide proof I have been working the same lines for years? I am happy for you BCL because you see this vote as a victory of party unity.

I have not been convinced by the hysteria used by the progressives on keeping the LGR or CAGW.

Clearly the annual cost to keep the LGR is not four million agreed?

Canadian Taxpayers Federation cite $ 106 million.

RCMP document cites $ 66 Million. National Post states $73 million.

This has been reported in the last 24 hours?

Liberal friendly media run with suicide story?

My question is about how this helps the Liberal if the Democrats whipped the strategic seats to prevent the Liberals regaining the seats in Northern Ontario? The safest seats voted to keep it, and those with CPC second place voted to scrap it?

The two step?

I am curious how Liberals accuse CPC of keeping the law and order issues alive by killing their own bills through prorogue because it helps them raise money and energizes the party and this won't have the same effect?

Does this reinforce the coalition narrative?

Why are the CPC talking about the anti-terrorism ACT this week after four years?

Another coincidence?

Gene Rayburn said...

I call Horseshit on CS.

larry laurant said...

I've been here for a few hours and the smell was already noticeable.

So we'll hear the usual sabre rattling "we'll get'em!" and the coalition scare crap.

I posted the letter Harper sent to the GG with the bloc/ndp signing and that was somehow different. The douchbaggery is astounding.

Unknown said...

Good luck with winning their hearts and minds of urban, women and Quebec voters on that road to getting a majority Sweaterboy. Kiss the wedge.

The urban voters in those Tory ridings have always known that the Tories want the LGR gone. They campaigned on it, didn't they. Nothign will change there.

Liberal and NDP flip-floppers however? Well, we'll have to see, won't we?

Gene Rayburn said...

Uh, okay Glenn, you keep believing that hokum. Look at the Tory MP for Kitchener Centre. He won by 50 votes and it wasnt for his stance on the gun registry.

Hope you enjoy the taste of the butt end of your tory wedge.

CanadianSense said...

Why are progressives stating this is an urban rural gender wedge issue after Angus Poll 2010 confirms it is not?

Page 4/5 show 44% urban 53% support scrapping it.

Gene Rayburn said...

Yes because all polls state only the truth. CS, that is a pretty pathetic attempt at a straw man retort.

Dig deeper CS, you've been far better at the wankery in the past. Make Iggy proud by your crackpottery

Tof KW said...

Gene, just to keep the record straight:
Peter Braid (CPC) won Kitchener-Waterloo riding by 50 votes. Steve Woodworth (CPC) won Kitchener-Centre by 229 votes.

K-W is strongly pro-registry, the Waterloo Regional Police have publicly called for it's continuance, as well as Waterloo Regional Council. The Record has written several editorials now urging the Conservatives to reverse their stand on the LGR. It should be also be noted the Record supported Harper in the 2006 and 2008 elections, so they can't complain it is a lefty-liberal newspaper.

It the Conservatives wish to make this a central plank in the next election, you can kiss Kit-Wloo and Kit-Centre ridings goodbye. It also makes Kit-Wilmot competitive and a potential Liberal pick-up.

As I said before, a wedge cuts both ways. The Reformatories want to play this game of pitting rural against urban thinking the urban votes won't go against them ...then please by all means go for it. I will laugh at your stupidity in the next election.

PS - I note Craig Oliver on CTV News this evening also mentioning Harper needs to count urban losses against whatever rural gains he hopes to make with this issue.

Tof KW said...

Glenn said...
The urban voters in those Tory ridings have always known that the Tories want the LGR gone

Umm, NO!
The CPC campaigned on more honesty, open and accountable government in 2006 ...then did the total opposite and became even worse than the Liberals at secrecy. Then in 2008 campaigned on economic leadership and against the risk of a complex tax-code restructuring by a weak Lib leader. I don't remember the LGR getting mentioned much in either campaign ...and I follow these things very closely.

CanadianSense said...

Citing Craig Oliver as an expert, what is next Warren Kinsella?

Perhaps Oliver is done looking into Helena's mortgage?

What is the record for both on picking winners?

Look at the ballots only (election results) from 2000-2009.

Have Liberals lost support or gained Nationally?

To be fair, it is rhetorical only Atlantic Canada voted for the LPOC in popular support in 2008. In every other region the trend is the same downward trend line.

Dion led campaign did manage to reverse and slightly lift the QC numbers to beat the CPC in Quebec. Atwood and friends cited anti-culture CPC.

QC campaign sucked for CPC with ADQ and Charest pushback? They lost one seat.

Regained it the seat in QC against Bloc held riding for 16 yeas during height of global recession?

NFLD- Danny Williams one man show? Danny pro-Quebec or pro Fed today?

Will those Premiers repeat themselves?

Harper is more popular than Charest, (Leger Poll). Charest is dealing with scandals.

D.W. is onside?

Cheerleading and false hope? Which Liberal Premier is going to help the Federal Liberals?

Comparing fundraising membership and war chest which party is at 2008 levels?

Which party has fallen from their record 2009 levels?

Some posters resort to cyber bullying about gender, and pretending they know the identity. All hat and no cattle.

Again the LGR votes victory was manufactured by the Democrats by whipping safe seats and now several MPs have been tagged a "sell out" for reversing their personal and long held position.

CanadianSense said...


Glen is correct the wasteful ineffective Gun Registry has been used against the Liberals for years. It will continue to be used in almost every riding as an example of financial and ideological corruption.

You keep citing the urban rural divide that does not exist. It is called playing wedge politics and using women's groups and shields to hide behind when the facts and evidence don't support you.

A third party group has risen up to turfMarkholland. Will more third party groups become active, you betcha!

Look to war chest and membership numbers which party continues to outpace the combined efforts of all opposition?

CanadianSense said...

Which two leaders are looking to 'fix the problems' find compromise on the registry?

That is a position of weakness.

Which two leaders voted to keep those problems alive?

The same pattern took place with Senate, Democratic reform.

The flip flop by the Liberals, Democrats and Bloc on those issues demonstrate how the tide has shifted against their Big Government nanny state.

Does Rob Ford suggest Government is the problem or the solution? Government is to serve the people not the other way around. What do the voters in Liberal-Democrat downtown Toronto say?

Tactical Advantage: Pollsters

Moreover, the Tories will expand their assault, insisting that no one can be trusted in either of the parties led by the Liberals' Michael Ignatieff and the New Democrats' Jack Layton, who were described as "Toronto elites" by Government house leader John Baird.

On Wednesday, Harper was withering in his description of the opposition parties.

"Unfortunately they are only interested in targeting their efforts against law-abiding citizens. The vast majority of gun owners in this country support responsible gun control. What they do not support is a registry that is costly, ineffective and targeted against them instead of against real criminals. We are going to keep fighting to abolish it."

Read more:

Gene Rayburn said...

Anyone got a shovel? CS just dropped a huge load and a lot of it was off topic again.

Thanks for the manure pile Oakville Crackpot.

Tof KW said...

"all politicians pander and used wedge politics"
CanadianSense - 14 July 2010 - BCer in TO blog

"Politics is about pitting region and group against each other."
CanadianSense - 12 July 2010 - Big City Lib blog

Lots more I can dredge up CS.

CanadianSense said...


Thank you for proving my point.

You have repeated the talking points of the Liberals that this is a wedge issue of urban/female.

Angus does not support that assertion.

The fact you, your party are trying to make it a wedge issue is another fact.

If PM visits India he is pandering to ethnic vote?

If PM refuses to give Charest money for NHL he is dissing Quebecers?

Those are the talking points from what party?

Wedge politics exists and is deployed by Liberals/Bloc/Democrats all the time and they cite the CPC are culprits.

Tof KW said...

CS you fail to see your own hypocrisy on this. You said ALL politicians, and that includes Harper. And it was in that context (basically an all's fair post) that you used these words originally.

Please don't cry now when Harper's opposition uses the reverse wedge politics against him.

CanadianSense said...

Thank you again for demonstrating I have been fair and have said "all" use wedge politics.

What you have completely failed to do is demonstrate this was used by the CPC as a wedge issue.

Two leaders from Toronto played on the emotions, victims, trotted out political appointed police chiefs to defend a failed Chretien policy introduced in 1995.

Liberals and NDP had never try to fix the wasteful and deeply flawed registry.

The Liberals have in fact repeated the same patter with the Senate and Democratic Reform.

The NDP recently "persuaded" half of their safe seats to keep the registry.

20 MPs spoke against this policy and the voters in their riding will hold them to account for folding to the pressure of two elitists in Toronto.

(I refer to two political leaders not calling Toronto as did Baird.)

The media reported it as a slam against the "entire city".

CanadianSense said...


why would I cry if 20 MPs were not allowed to vote freely from the opposition?

I have no difficulty in being critical of the current government (EAP, Auto bailout etc).

I don't own a gun, I accept until the coalition is destroyed at the next ballot, the Conservatives won't be able to fix many of the problems big or small because of the distortions from the media and opposition.

This is just one more reason why Canadians need to vote against the coalition MPs.

The key difference is I don't need to denigrate you as a person for not holding conservative opinions.

You are entitled to have faith in the coalition would be a better government. You are entitled to watch Liberal oriented news.

I have no interest in censoring or stifling your view regardless if I agree.

RuralSandi said...

Hmmm....CS so upset over cost of registry and yet hasn't talked about the obscene cost of advertising by Harper, the never-ending costly photo-ops and we could go on.

So selective when it comes to waste of our taxpayer monies CS.

You're acting rather frantic today.

Oh, and I live in rural Ontario and believe me not all farmers and hunters give a damn about having to register.

CanadianSense said...


I agree too much money has been spent, Ignatieff should have voted against propping up the Conservatives and kept his word with Layton and Duceppe.

What did he call the coalition i May? Three legged stool?

Can you give me specific policies Liberals have introduced through opposition days to save money or lower spending?

RS, I agree not every person in the rural ridings vote Conservative or support scrapping the registry.

I agree with the Census data show most people live in cities over 1,000 people. Angus Poll confirms my point the LGR is not a wedge issue until Liberal-Democrats created it.

Liberals-Democrats have repeated the same attack lines with Rob Ford in Toronto. Nik Nanos poll destroys the chubby chaser bigot red neck voters narrative.

This is about waste, emotional blackmail, victimizing females by the leaders of the coalition.

Who created and used them as female NGO's, political appointed police chiefs as props?

I prefer to apply common sense, accept the facts and evidence from the auditor general why I don't parrot the party line.

Like the GST sell-out, those flip flopped MPs will answer to their local constituents.

Thank you for agreeing that some politicians broke their promises and should be held accountable.

I agreed with Liberals who demanded the CPC be held accountable for changing their views on Income trusts in 2006, how did that work out?

Tof KW said...

New Democrats take aim at wedge politics in gun-registry debate

Wedge politics helping Harper change country
- Phoenix Star

Harper trying to pit West against East
- Peterborough Examiner

Harper plays wedge politics like a Stradivarius
- Hill Times

I can go on & on with these media stories but I've proved my point. Quit while you're behind CS, you're only embarrassing yourself claiming Harper's not using wedge politics here. Stephen Taylor has even labeled it a wedge issue.

CanadianSense said...


Your links are funny thanks.

Lawrence Martin, Sheila Copps and an angry letter are the basis of your proof of the PM playing wedge politics?

Okay you win. Next time just link to Glen Pearson or Warren Kinsella for your talking points.


Gene Rayburn said...

Man we're going to need a backhoe to clean up CS' pile of manure.

Do you have a life or do you live in a shabby home filled with piles of newspapers and cats?

Tof KW said...

Hey Gene, hope you’re day is good.

Ya I’m beginning to think ol’ CS is a direct relative of that Iraqi Information Minister from the Gulf War part-II. Remember that gem when he was claiming there were no US soldiers at the Baghdad airport, and for reporters to go there themselves to see that it was still under Iraqi control? Meanwhile Peter Jennings travelling with the US forces was reporting from that very airport saying “…and trust me, I’m not alone.”

Ya right CS, Harper would never pit rural voters against ‘Toronto Elites’. You are obviously much smarter than all those political scientists who disagree with your assessment. What do they know?

CanadianSense said...


You keep trying to change the subject. I have clearly stated all politicians use wedge politics.

I have also said you did not make the case in this instance.

In fact you, your links, your fellow partisans provided proof your team is using wedge politics of dividing based on gender and region over the long gun registry.

The CBC map clearly shows the coalition strength of what MPs did and where they are located. How does that map look to you?

Lawful citizens were again denied equal protection of their charter rights and continue to be treated as second class citizens courtesy of the wasteful Liberal registry created in 1995.

Tof KW said...

CS - prove Harper is not playing this as a wedge issue pitting rural vs urban.

CanadianSense said...


Too cute by half.

You are asking me to do you work or make your point?

I have said the evidence and facts you presented prove your team is complicit. (That's it)

Reminds me of those CAGW alarmists. I did not deny some science does not exist and every paper is a Green scam. (Never did)

I have no problem calling out the PM, any government on what I think is wrong.

I gave Blair/Liberals in Toronto the benefit of the doubt but the more information about the arrests on Sunday, detention of nearly 1,100 people with 900 released seems like a screw up. Don't you think?

I am on record against funding for professional hockey rinks with Federal dollars.

I am for smaller government, less taxes. I want full disclosure of the annual Parliamentary+Senate operations $500 million. It was funny how the Bloc made all federal parties look bad.

Attack the Government on the auto bailout or CBC funding, I have no problem with more competition.

Tof KW said...

CS - prove Harper is not playing this as a wedge issue pitting rural vs urban.

CanadianSense said...


I am a Canadian, not Quebecer, not an Albertan etc.

If China chided my my PM I expect fellow Canadians to stand with our PM.

The same with the future UN post.

The problem for Liberals is they have 'lost perspective' or being reasonable.

The current government is not a right wing fiscal republican party bent on installing a theocracy.

The numbers from them and Flaherty are clear. Growth from cuts in the 1990 in health, education, social services, military to compensate from last government.

Heck ignore Jim look at Page's criticism the transfers and spending rates are above rate of inflation.

Cut waste, slow growth rate of some programs is not radical.

Saying no to "endless" funding of a Toronto parade is not ideological attack on a community.

Nothing wrong with being a partisan, you just need to sharpen your pencil on good lines of attack.

LGR is not a winner for Liberals.

Gayle said...

Ha ha ha

Having a bad day CS?

Tof KW said...

CS – Harper being labeled the ‘Great Tactician’ was all due to his calculating method of using wedge issues to cut thought the usual political divisions to split members within the opposition parties, and thus move his legislation through Parliament. There have been a number of articles (not all negative, a few positive ones also) on this topic over the years which I won’t bother to produce because all this has already been reported ad nausea. And you yourself admit Harper plays wedge politics just like all politicians.

The LGR is clearly a wedge issue, no matter what side of that wedge you are on. Go Google “Harper Wedge Issue” and see all the hits you get. I can produce all sorts of opinion pieces from many sources about everything to the arts cuts in the last election, to the LGR. And I admit laziness in my earlier post as that was just from the first page of hits I tried.

I now ask you to likewise do some research and prove to me that the Harper is NOT using the LGR as a wedge issue. I will repeat this until you:
A – provide an opinion piece to bolster your position that it is only the opposition’s side of the LGR debate that is a wedge issue, or;
B – you admit your hypocrisy

I anticipate you will shower us with your usual display of irrelevant and unsubstantiated opinions and everything but this topic, in which case I will ask the original question again.

Your call.

CanadianSense said...

It is not difficult being labeled "great tactician" against Martin-Dion-Ignatieff.

I have used that partisan talking point very often.

The shift is not rural or WEST in the loss of power of the Liberals.

Ontario has been the shift. Catholics, suburbs, visible minorities dumped the Liberals over the last decade. Look at the Golden Horseshoe from 2000-2008.

As I have repeated LGR is being manufactured by your to be a wedge issue. I live in Oakville don't own a gun and don't hunt.

LGR is not an emotional issue. It made no sense in 1995 for Allan Rock to demand hunters and farmers register their long guns. After a decade you want to argue Police Chiefs, women NGO's as proof?

For spin from your camp a Registry must make sense, did it with handguns 1934? Did it in other jurisdictions? If you can't cite other examples of a registry doing "x" and preventing "x" than then it is junk science.

You have ignored the conflicts of interest in your champions in almost every case when it suits you.

I am skeptical and you are selective in applying your skepticism.

CanadianSense said...


I applaud your dedication to a party you don't support. Keep up the great effort it is working wonders!

Give my best to Linda in Edmonton, Ryan is going to take her seat.

Tof KW said...

CS your 'opinion' is irrelevant - prove Harper is not playing this as a wedge issue pitting rural vs urban.

CanadianSense said...


I applaud your efforts to demand I prove your case.

This is not a court of law I am not obliged to disclose evidence to help you win the debate.

You lost, and Liberals will lose more seats for playing wedge politics.

100% guaranteed?

No, likely?

You betcha!

You can ignore a non-partisan study The anatomy of Liberal Defeat. Elections Canada also funded it.

Feel free to brush it off as my opinion too.

Tof KW said...

CS your 'opinion' is irrelevant - prove Harper is not playing this as a wedge issue pitting rural vs urban.

Gayle said...

I don't know Omar. It is clear CS believes he is actually accomplishing something. He seems to think his comments are actually going to convince some liberal supporters the end is nigh.

It is kind of amusing to watch him get more and more desperate. Mind you, it does get boring reading the same drivel over and over and over again, so I take your point.

Tof KW said...

It's OK Omar...

"This is not a court of law I am not obliged to disclose evidence"

That's an admission CS is full of shit and has nothing. The 'debate' (such as one would expect with the Oakville Crackpot) is quite done now.

CanadianSense said...

As I predicted when you can't win on facts, merit you resort to personal attacks on the subject.

It is not my responsibility to present your point of view.

If you can't find proof, convince others of your opinion don't engage someone who won't parrot your talking points.

You are free to keep your faith in the Liberal Long Gun Registry.

Gene Rayburn said...

The funny thing is CS, you have relied on attacks (constantly making grandious generalizations about others based on your assumptions)and generalizations. You also fail to stay on topic and would rather pepper people with 12 versions of the same questions.

The reason people refer to you as a moron is because you are. You havent proven anything other than reinforcing your reputation as the Oakville Crackpot.

A simple search of CanadianSense and wankery or "off topic" is all you need for some corroboration.

So how about you do this CanadianSense; stay on topic and provide a valid point that isnt your usual homespun brew of spin, talking points and C grade marketing.

Yes as a marketer you absolutely blow. I know I would have someone so half assed on my team.

And yes you would be the subservient...

PS> Hi TofKW. How's tricks? Missing the nice Ontario weather right now as the rain washes the surface of my deck off here in Vancouver.

larry laurant said...

quote from Canadian Sense...
"I agree too much money has been spent, Ignatieff should have voted against propping up the Conservatives and kept his word with Layton and Duceppe."

Somehow, whenever anyone points out the misdeeds and blatant waste of tax payers money by the conservatives, it's -always-, the liberals fault. It's almost as if the liberals are supposed to be the mindful parents, and should little johnny you know, get out of hand.... weeeeell then mommy and daddy really should be handing out the spankings!!

You just can't make this stuff up, can you?

CanadianSense said...

We have had a minority parliament since 2004 and if the Liberals don't have confidence in the Conservative agenda and policies they should vote against it.

The opposition booted out Martin, why won't Liberals back up their criticism again?

Could it be because they can't win? See the Rick Mercer spoofs on Liberal Party.

I am amused how Larry believes the Liberals with at least 30 AWOL MPs on confidence matter are not responsible for propping up this minority government.

The NDP point to over 100 times Liberals have voted in favour of the Conservative government.

Larry do you think the speaker can't record the votes in parliament or it is some Jedi mind trick?

Contact your Liberal MPs that can't find their way to show up on the supply, money bills on those wasteful spending policies and lets get a mandate from the people!

I dig democracy in action you?

Tof KW said...

CS - not providing any proof to my question is an admittance you have nothing. Stop spreading even more of your bullshit around until you can back up your assertion that Harper isn't playing wedge politics.

CanadianSense said...


This is not China or Cuba and you don't dictate the terms of debate.

You can keep demanding facts and evidence to support your arguement but it is YOUR responsibility to make your case and not mine.

Best of luck with your logic in demanding the opponent does your homework.

Keep trying.

CanadianSense said...


The truth hurts?

This is and was bad policy nothing else.

Your resorting to cyber bullying tactics is typical.

As an urban non gun owner I accept your ideological support.

You don't trust Canadians to regulate their own lives and believe this registry saves lives.

I look forward to voters passing judgment on the statists.

larry laurant said...

Canadian Sense is still foaming at the mouth to blame everything on the liberals.

Clearly, we have a government, who is outspending the liberals (I saw the post about the 250 thousand dollar "organic air filter" LOL...). the list of lies, misdeeds piling up, and not once has he placed any responsibility on this government. (or, "new" government I should say?)

This is the type of attitude I've seen from conservatives everywhere. It seems perfect. If a liberal screws up, well, typical liberal eh? If a conservative screws up, well, a liberal had to have made him do it.

Stupidity at it's finest.

CanadianSense said...


You should not be so hard on yourself, it was not a fair fight. You tried to defend a bad policy for partisan reasons.

You lost the debate, better luck next time.

Tof KW said...

Nothing to back your arguement? Who lost exactly? Keep trying moron - you've soundly lost this one.