Saturday, September 11, 2010

Spot The Fox News North Fuck Up

Before that, he'd served as CTV's Washington bureau chief, its China bureau chief and had hosted the news magazine show W5. He'd also been a fixture of CTV's federal election coverage since Pierre Trudeau beat Joe Clark in 1974.


I'm sure Akin is reacting to the fact that they didn't give him a black-berry for so long.

PS. Yeah its a cheap gotcha. But today's a travelling day. The serious smiting will start again tomorrow, or Monday at the latest.

H/T John Smith.


The Mound of Sound said...

As I had the dubious privilege of covering the '74 election I'm guessing they forgot that was a Stanfield event.

Brian Busby said...

A cheap gotcha? Not at all... more like further evidence that Akin has little understanding of the history of this country. Good God, he lived through the election and still gets it wrong. The fact that the fuck up has remained uncorrected for 92 hours (and counting) speaks volumes.

Andy Lehrer said...

Not knowing who was leader in which election is forgivable in a cub reporter but from the Parliamentary Bureau Chief? Come on. The farce here is that Aiken was trying to embellish a wire story that mentioned the 1974 election by adding a factoid and then he gets the factoid wrong.

Can you imagine a spots editor not knowing where the 1972 summer olympics were (or not knowing enough to look it up)?

The Mound of Sound said...

Maybe he simply can't recall any Tory pre-Clark. Then again, how many today recognize the name David Lewis?