Wednesday, September 29, 2010

NDP On Fox News North

Jack Layton gets this one about right:

Even though Mr. Teneyke is no longer involved in this proposal, I remain concerned. This application must be treated on its merits, not on its political connections to the Conservative government.

To this end, New Democrats will continue to push back against any perceived meddling in the CRTC consideration of this application.

Again, if the CRTC allows SunTV a standard issue, plain vanilla, no special considerations cable license, I say bring 'em on. For I have a theory which states that no right-wing national news network can survive in this country. But for my theory to be proven correct, FNN must exist for at least a short time before failing miserably and in public. You have to get off the run-way before you can crash and burn, in other words.


Anonymous said...

If CBC didn't have an annual $1.3 Billion lip-lock on the Public Teat, how long would they last spewing out their socialist/liberal drivel?

Can you count nano-seconds in broadcast TV?

Tof KW said...

Fred, please provide evidence of this "socialist/liberal" drivel.

Gayle said...


Fred, the mandate of the CBC is Canadian content. The reason we pay for it is because of that mandate. If you take the requirement for Canadian content away from the CBC, they can and will be as competitive as the other networks. It is a sad truth in this country that we have to pay for Canadian content because we will not watch it in the numbers required for the CBC to be sustainable on its own.

Anonymous said...


All those prime time episodes of Coronation Street, Wheel of Fortune, and Jeopardy are soooooooooooo Canadian in content.

Gene Rayburn said...

Oh look Fred can't answer the question posed to him.

Fred, any Fred for that matter, seems completely incapable of providing proof to his talking points.

but allow me to quote another Fred.

"PROOF is what people will base their decision on, and you simply have none."

Fred From BC

Tof KW said...

I thought the prime time slot ran from 8-11PM. None of those run in that slot, and I think they are also the only 3 syndicated shows that CBC carries.

I also not a distinct lack of proof from Fred showing any evidence of 'socialist/liberal' bias on the part of the CBC. Unless he is suggesting Alex Trebek and Pat Sajak are pinko-commie lefties?

Rev.Paperboy said...

yeah Fred, absolutely no one watches the Rick Mercer Report, The National, Being Erica, Air Farce or those two bastions of pinko bleeding heart liberal socialism Dragon's Den and Hockey Night in Canada

Omar said...

...spewing out their socialist/liberal drivel

Yeah, right. This morning on CBC Radio's The Current two points of view were aired regarding the striking down of prostitution laws in Ontario. One view came from an outraged Harper-Con MP and the other from a BC university professor who summed up his stance by saying, "This is judicial activism run amok". I get so sick and tired hearing how 'left' the CBC is because it just isn't true. You're a moron, Fred.

Robert McClelland said...

But for my theory to be proven correct, FNN must exist for at least a short time before failing miserably and in public.

FNN will only fail in the way the National Disgrace has failed; it'll never make money but as long as there are right whingers with deep pockets it will remain alive.

Tof KW said...

Omar, even with John Ivison cheerleading for Harper in the National Post (I will note Ivison has been more critical lately - good for him), even it is considered a leftie rag by people like Fred. Unless they are 100% in total agreement with everything the Harper government is doing, then that media source is liberal-biased.

In other words a CPofC version of Pravda would be the only 'fair and balanced' media outlet in their world view.

RuralSandi said...

good grief - Fred is such a gullible sucker. Harper started that CBC crap/Liberal media crap and he fell for it line hook and sinker.

Must be awful to just believe everything you hear without checking it out.

There's a sucker born every minute they say - Fred is one of them.

Gerrard787 said...

The CBC has for and eternity been consistently to the left of centre. Only those even further left believe the CBC to be "balanced".

". . . the mandate of the CBC is Canadian content." - Gayle

Well, that's partly true. The CBC is supposed to:

". . . reflect Canada and its regions to national and regional audiences, while serving the special needs of those regions" - Broadcasting Act, 1991

On this count, the CBC does not adhere to the legal mandate we have given it.

And the only reason CBC is able to play to such a limited audience is because of the financial support of millions of Canadians whom the CBC conciously ignores in their broadcasting.

Tof KW said...

Oh Paul, this discussion has been held here many times over already. This alleged 'left-bias' of the CBC is all just your opinion. No one has ever been able to show anything, and I mean absolutely anything to prove otherwise. In fact if anything most posters here have provided ample evidence to the contrary; the CBC since 2006 has often represented the conservative side more than any other.

And there is a big difference between fairly representing the conservative argument (Tom Flanagan has already stated this is the case with the CBC these days), and being nothing more than a mouthpiece for a sitting government. CBC is the former, and SUNNews will be the later.

Omar said...

I'll give another CBC 'The Current' example. A few weeks ago Anna Marie Tremonte did an interview with Michael Ignatieff. An interview that for me certainly wasn't extraordinarily inspirational, but nor did it come across as extraordinarily bland or anything either. Pretty even keeled stuff from Ignatieff I thought. But at weeks end when the host reads listener letters on air the two letters chosen for the Ignatieff piece were absolutely scathing. "Mr Ignatieff you are certainly no leader I would ever vote for!" ended one of the letters. Surely there had to be some favourable responses to the interview that the producers of the show could have used to balance their listener feedback, but instead they chose two that came across as virulently anti-Ignatieff. I'll tell ya, this left-leaning CBC bias has got to stop!

Gerrard787 said...

This alleged 'left-bias' of the CBC is all just your opinion. - T of KW

Balderdash. It's the opinion of the majority of Canadians.

No one has ever been able to show anything, and I mean absolutely anything to prove otherwise. - T of KW

Balderdash again. Some people truly are blind.

The CBC remains a left of the Canadian center organization that fails to properly live up to the mandate it operates under.

Gayle said...

I see. Since you have decided it is the opinion of the "majority" of Canadians, it must magically be true. Subscribing to the "if we say it often enough people will actually believe it" theory does not actually make "it" true, no matter how many times you use "balderdash" in your post.

Try again.

Tof KW said...

Paul, please provide links that show your claims. I'll save you the trouble, there are NONE!

Paul S - Epic Fail