Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Stockwell Day Taken In By Alien Ambassador Hoax

Speaking of Stockwell, his column from this morning concludes with:

A closing thought. The UN this week also named somebody to advise the world about talking to creatures from outer space when they arrive here.

Except they didn't: it was a hoax. UN representative Mazlan Othman, who was allegedly being lined up for the role of speaker-to-aliens, wrote in an email:

"It sounds really cool but I have to deny it," she said of the story. She will be attending a conference next week, but she'll be talking about how the world deals with "near-Earth objects".

As far as I know, Stockwell is the most prominent Western politician to have been taken in by the hoax.


ridenrain said...

Must have been listening to Former Liberal defence minister Paul Hellyer.

Gene Rayburn said...

or drinking some of ridofbrain's homemade corn liquor.

Tof KW said...

Must have been listening to Former Liberal defence minister Paul Hellyer.

Thanks ridofbrain, if he's listening to that old coot that just proves Stock shouldn't be a cabinet minister, hell he shouldn't be elected dog-catcher. We already know he thinks 'The Flintstones' was a documentary.

ridenrain said...

After putting Libya on the security council and Iran on the Commission on the Status of Women, it's pretty hard to tell what the jokes are at the UN.

Gene Rayburn said...

Oh Ridofbrain, you are so profound and funny with your quips. Oh wait, I was looking at a pic of your fugly face online Bill.

Now that's funny and ugly. Visual proof that Ridofbrain is brain addled.

Steve Scolnik said...

It was popular with the Ideological Meteorological crowd as well:
Take Me To Your Leader!