Thursday, September 02, 2010

Fox News North North Updates

You want someone to blame for those extra crazy editorials the Sun has been cranking out these days? Apparently, you can blame Mark Bonokoski (or praise him, if you're a fan of semi-literate ranting).

Also, the Vampire Teneyck's recruitment efforts seem to have gone into reverse. Chris Brockbank, a Sun Media exec for two years, has "resigned out of frustration"

As for the whole Margaret Atwood/petition thing, I won't sign it. As long as FNN doesn't get a mandatory carriage license, I'm fine with them setting up shop. Because it will be a kick to watch them fail. In fact, my worry is that they fail too soon. I've written up nearly 400 FNN jokes that have "Ezra Levant" in the punch-line, and I'd like a chance to use some of them.


Ted Betts said...

Isn't "Ezra Levant" a punchline in and of itself?

Tof KW said...

I think so, hell I laugh whenever I see him.

A Eliz. said...

The Petition that Margaret Atwood signed, was from AVAAZ, sent me one too, about Von Finkenstein, head of CRTC and Fox North.

Scanner said...

Bono was a lumbering asshole in High School, a terrible journalist when he was pretending to be, and a phony populist. The Toronto Sun doesn't make money and the kid running the biz managed to destroy the largest printer in North America in 5 years. Looking forward to the Fat lady singing.

jkg said...

Bono is just red meat for the salt of the earth populists. All the bobbing heads who loved him when in Ottawa must enjoy his slagging of that city on his blog. Supposedly, he has a knack for keeping up with human interest stories on a more local level, and he has had a rather robust history of coverage in his upstart years.

I don't know if it was the bitter sting of failing at entering politics, or his continental mentality. He has become a shadow of his former journalistic self like Lowell Green with a mustache.

To confirm your point, here he is admitting to writing those national editorials.

On the one hand, he finds Toronto exciting and full of life, and on the other, myopic, insular, and prone to harbouring dangerous immigrants. There must be a ping pong match inside his head.