Sunday, September 19, 2010

T.O.'s Summer Of Construction Hell To Extend Into Fall

I've always thought these things, which wiki tells me are called cold planers (or pavement planers, or pavement recyclers) looked pretty cool, mostly because they reminded me of (a small) one of these. In any case, there's a cold planer sitting a couple hundred meters South from me on the East side of Vic Park.
Crews have been working on this stretch of VP since August, and indeed the East side of the road (from Ellesmere to about Lawrence) looked pretty much stitched up and ready to go again. But since Friday, a couple of these babies and several other imposing and exotic vehicles made for road work have been back on the scene and back to square 1, tearing up the pavement they'd just laid down not a month ago. Going like stink too, until after 10 PM yesterday evening.
Clearly, somebody fucked up somewhere, and the heavy mob's been brought in to fix it before too many people notice. I wonder what it costs to dig up and pave a half mile or road...and then have to do it all a 2nd time?

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