Thursday, September 16, 2010

What Did I Tell You?

Imp writes:

With respect to the Kory Teneycke departure, it is worth noting Richard Madan's CTV report last night that kind of rounds out the picture. The big tidbit there, which I couldn't find anywhere else, that George Soros is suing Quebecor for defamation, presumably for that Ezra Levant column earlier this month which is now nowhere to be found.

What I told you was, if Fox News North hired Ezra they'd be drowning in law-suits before the first broadcast!

Well he's writing for their newspapers again, and now we hear via Don Martin that that "ever-colourful" ""author"" Ezra Levant will have a show on the new network. What I want to know is: will he be forced to step down before he's hired?

PS. The column Fox News North disappeared can still be found on Ezra's website sporting the title "George Schwartz, the Jewish Nazi". I won't link to what may be defamatory material, but if you're out there, Mr. Soros, tell your lawyers they still have some legal disinfectant to apply.


ridenrain said...

Why is that nasty little American meddling in Canadian politics? Where's that "righteous indignation" we always heard before?

Loraine Lamontagne said...

Would ridenrain explain to me what a capitalist project such as a new television network has to do with Canadian politics? Isn't it above all a business concern?

On the other hand, the NRA would be involved in supporting groups that oppose a Canadian legislation. Now that is politics.

ridenrain said...

Would Loraine care to explain why a business venture like SUN Media is being opposed by "progressive" forces above and below the border?

It's just like Aljazeera.. just an alternate viewpoint. Stop being censors and let people choose the media of their choice.

Jim Parrett said...

ridenrain - of course people can choose the media of their choice. We just don't like it if the government gets involved in giving their own network special treatment by interfering with the CRTC. If FNN does it on their own, then great, many of us are looking forward to the FNN spectacle. Should be great entertainment! So, bring it on, FNN!

James Bow said...

As I said elsewhere, perhaps Fox News North and Al Jazeera could share an application and a channel. Heck, have them share studio space. *I'd* pay to watch that!

ridenrain said...

Good thing the CBC is so fair and unbiased, right?