Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What A Way To Start Your New Career

Charles Adler joins Fox News North just hours after announcing I'm a Radio guy and anything you read indicating otherwise is false. 100% committed to CJOB and Corus Radio Network.

Apparently, caught in this fib, Adler will be announcing his resignation from the new position at a press conference tomorrow.

And he's still as homely as the rest of them.


CanadianSense said...

The story claimed he was leaving CJOB for a job at Sun TV? (First sentence)

Did you notice WFP labelled it a right wing new station?

Do you think WFP labels the CBC newsworld as a left-wing news station?

bigcitylib said...

WFP said he was leaving. Adler denied it on twitter. Then, hours afterwards, he left.

CanadianSense said...

Mr. Adler will continue to host the Charles Adler Show on radio during the day while hosting on SUN TV NEWS in the evening.

As I pointed out on my own blogpost, Charles might be taking a part time gig to expand his reach might be up in the cards as a result of his tweet.

You missed the nuance of his tweet.

CanadianSense said...

Ian Davey tried to make a joke, it backfired.

Unlike the reported private conversation (deli joke, 1k cuts), Ian was on a tv show.

Niles said...

Charles Adler expanding his reach? Yes, he's just a country boy, aw shucks. A looooooone voice of reason and sanity on the talk show airwaves.

From the straight talk he's always giving the local airwaves, I'm sure he's *everything* that Sun media needs to proclaim itself NOT hardcore self-fellating rightwingerism. He wouldn't possibly slant things to the authoritarian side of approval for anything to do with cheap labour conservatism.


They're looking for their 'Rush Limbaugh' of the North. Charles would be more than happy to have the role and pay cheque.


Why he felt compelled to hide it when he was about to hypocritically go "oh you mean *that* job" hours later is the WTF eyeroll part.

But it's good to see CS is picking up part time work playing Sun media's newest hero, Press Release Bot.

rockfish said...

Maybe Kory penned that tweet. Twit.

Niles said...

uhm...bcl? is the '(you're) career' in the article headline deliberate, given all the faux pas in the whingeing going on about Davey?

Because you're giving me a twitch about taking a red pencil to it.

Mark Richard Francis said...

The problem with Sun readers is that they are slightly literate.

bigcitylib said...

Yes it was deliberate. But I have changed it to avoid confusion.

CanadianSense said...

It is always a pleasure to see arrogance and elitism on display from Liberal partisans.

It explains why they can't understand the last three general election results.

Gene Rayburn said...

It is always a pleasure to see delusion and pretension on display from Conservative partisans.

It explains why they think minority governments are landslide victories.

Tof KW said...

It also explains why they continue to think that Harper will somehow eventually win one.

Tof KW said...

Of course I meant a majority government by that.

CanadianSense said...

How do you describe the 2000 results in Ontario-Quebec (Central Canada) compared to 2008?

Look at the numbers or blame the leaders and negative press, the choice is yours.

Central Canada 2000
Central Canada consists of Ontario and Quebec for a total of 178 seats. Central Canada held 59.1% of the seats in the parliament in 2000.
In ON 103 seats available (58.0% T.O.) lower than the national average, the Liberals won 100 seats with 51.5%, the NDP won 1 seat with 8.3%, the Canadian Alliance won 2 seats with 23.6%, the PC failed to win with 14.4%, the rest failed to win any seats with 2.6%.
In QC 75 seats available (64.1% T.O.) higher than the national average, the Liberals won 36 seats with 44.2%, the NDP failed any seats with 1.8%, the Canadian Alliance failed to win any with 6.2%, the PC won 1 seat with 5.6%, the Bloc won 38 seats with 39.9%, the rest failed to win any seats with 2.4%.

Niles said...

I describe them as...eight years older.

Gene Rayburn said...

yes and Angelo Perischilli is a empirical source of proof.

Typical CS wankery...change the topic and provide opinion as evidence.

The Oakville Crackpot defeats another straw man once again!

ridenrain said...

Time to celebrate.
Beer & popcorn for everybody!

Unknown said...

The point being missed here is that Harper did not write a check for the quebec City arena on Monday which Peladeau clearly expected him to do. That was payback for hiring Kroy and starting Sun TV.

I would say both the arena and Sun TV are dead projects in their current form. Harper has now been outed for his clumsy attempt at pure bribery.

CanadianSense said...


Why not have a Liberal MP read another anonymous letter inside Parliament to be protected from libel with your unfounded allegation?

Apparently some Liberals like to hide behind internet aliases and use protection of parliament to push falsehoods.

Keep up the good work Terry.

Tof KW said...

Terry, I’d say SUNnews is probably closer to reality now with Kory gone. His replacement is quite distant from the sitting government which removes one of the biggest objections that people would have with the new channel. As for the new arena in Quebec, Harper distanced himself quickly once it was realized the Conservatives themselves were split on this issue, with the fissures going right up to into his own caucus.

On this issue I have doubts if Quebec would get a team even if federal funding was given to build the arena. Does anyone really think Bettman is being genuine with his public musing on bringing the Nords back? This is all a diversion to keep Balsillie from getting his hands on an NHL franchise. Even if Quebec got a team, remember this was one of the worst markets the NHL had back in the 1980’s. Winnipeg and southern Ontario would be more fertile ground for a new team to be successful.

- - -

CS – I think you are mistaking Pierre Poilievre for a Liberal …using the protection of parliament to push falsehoods is his shtick.

Gene Rayburn said...

Jeez CanadianSense, I can't believe you are so dense that you didnt see Poilievre's name flashing above you as you typed quite possibly you're stupidest comment of 2010.

But have no fear you have a few months left to outdo yourself.

Cant wait for Best of Oakville Crackpot 2010!

CanadianSense said...

Tof KW,

Agreed departure optics is good.

Chair denied allegations by media, bloggers of a push.

It was funny how a personal letter was buried and not given prominence.

Did Martin retract or apologize for the story and sources?

Harper was clear if Quebec qualified for funding so would similar requests. The media twisted it stating he was doing a deal to buy votes in Quebec.

Not the first time the media embellish his comments and suggest something sinister.

Pierre from my observation in QP is responding to stunts by Liberals.

I don't remember him reading a letter in QP alleging security breach in an airport and having Peter on the National calling out the opposition MPs, do you?

Where is the apology from the Liberals over the fabricated airport security breach?

Was the doorknob prop wielding Liberal removed from the shadow cabinet?

Gene Rayburn said...

"Pierre from my observation in QP is responding to stunts by Liberals."

Copout of 2010. But but but the Liberals. Methinks the Crackpot can do better