Saturday, September 11, 2010

Fox News North Bringing The Hate Speech?

View the headline:

Now read the article. In the strictest possible terms, the headline, given the content of the article, is a lie. Now, with today's date, the media outlet, and the fact that the readers of that media outlet seldom read past the headline (as they grow weary from moving their lips) this a deliberate blast of anti-Muslim hate speech on the part of Sun Media?

I would argue that it is.

Or simple illiteracy. That's a distinct possibility. Either does not reflect well on our new hard-edged media masters.
Update: The headline has been changed. Simple screw-up? If so, the Vampire Teneycke will feast upon the blood of a hapless part-time staffer this night.
Or did someone realize that, if they kept the original headline, FNN's cover would be blown?


Jim Parrett said...

Then there is the Drudge headline, "Islam Casts Shadow over 9/11", accompanying a photo of the first plane crashing into the first tower.

Alison said...

The original headline survives at USA Today and numerous other news outlets, although they are all click-throughs to the new headline.