Friday, December 31, 2010

And They Called It News

OTTAWA - Questions about what ever happened to Peter Mansbridge's chair may never be answered.

Lilley's latest is up there with the T.O. Sun's front-page story from years ago about a suicidal raccoon. If the chair shows up dead in an alley-way, will they publish the gruesome crime scene pics?


Kev said...

I am tempted to laugh, but QMI's crusade against the CBC is no laughing matter

Unknown said...

Does the CBC's contempt for taxpayer money know no bounds?
Let the FOI requests fly!

ridenrain said...

Tweet from Mansbridge’s producer Leslie Stojsic:

“Investigation reveals chair was donated for a silent auction in January”

Stojsic later tweeted that Mansbridge's chair will be auctioned off early next year to support general-interest magazine The Walrus, which is published out of Toronto.

Who gets the money for the taxpayers chair? Since the CBC knew about this, why did they lie?

bigcitylib said...

"Who gets the money for the taxpayers chair?"

And who would be so badly fucked up in the head that they would even care? Brian Lilley should be arrested for stalking.

Kev said...

Chairgate is a monumental waste of taxpayers money and resources,but I guess that to the Con supporters it is only a waste when spent on the things the majority of Canadians want and not the Con agenda.

Robert McClelland said...

The CBC should report every frivolous FOI request from Stunned Media and how much it costs taxpayers responding to them.