Monday, December 27, 2010

Hudak Tories Fear Tory Turmoil In Hillier Vs. Sterling Dust Up

Anonymous Sources? The Tories got 'em too!

Several Tory MPPs have privately expressed shock over the letter [written by Tory MP Scott Reid bitching about Tory MPP Norm Sterling]. And one senior Liberal said the party will use Reid's remarks against Sterling in the October 2011 provincial election.

Hell ya! Kinsella's down in the lab testing out Adverts now! He don't care that its Xmas.

While some have compared the anti-Sterling movement to a Tea-Party-like push, others have doubts.

"That's some weak tea," said one senior Tory, who cast aspersions on the power of Hillier's former group, the Landowners' to convert their populist message into real political muscle.

Actually, the senior Tory is probably right. Looks like Hillier's landowner insurgency hasn't had much success to date.

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Terence said...

Gee, combine this nastiness with the new party in Alberta and we could see some Tory blood being spilt across the land. Breaks my heart