Friday, December 31, 2010

What Is To Be Done With Justin Bieber?

The Tigerbeat interview with Justein Bieber in which he endorses the Ground Zero Mosque is a hoax. Nevertheless, it has inspired an anti-Bieber boycott which may, just by total accident, decrease the amount of shitty music on the planet.

How should a left-wing progressive react to this? How should we try to live?

My first thought is that Justin must be allowed to suck, otherwise the terrorists have already won. We must oppose this boycott even if the result is an continuation of the kind of crap music that today's youth seem to like, that often doesn't even contain even one electric guitar, but just alot of synths making bloopy bloopy noises. Later, if times call for it, we can take their rights away and make them get haircuts.

Not that I'm entirely anti-Youth. Below is a clip illustrating how you can be a teenager and not be too annoying:

I was never into these guys until I bought a $10 t-shirt off the remainder rack in a hippy place on Yonge St. Then I figured I'd better down-load some of their stuff just in case anyone asked about the shirt and, yeah, now I'm a fan.


Southern Quebec said...

Go to the NationalToast. They have a whole article on this (slow news day). BUT...the comments tells you everything you need to know about their readers. In one word...illiterate. These morans are all dumping on Justin for something he.did.not.say! Must be the BT's!

double nickel said...

For a real bottom of the gut laugh, check out the utube vid of Gordon Pinsent reading from the Beib's autobiography!

Skinny Dipper said...

We need to boycott this Bieber punk. After all, he's a canadian. He comes from a country with a dict. for a prezidint. Both Justin Bieber and his dad, Stevie Harper, have similur moppy hairstyles.