Thursday, December 02, 2010

He Said Whilst Wearing His Hard Hat

"I have never been called upon to respond to a dominatrix before.”

We all get the call eventually, buddy. All of us.


Gene Rayburn said...

I always imagined Harper as one of those adult baby fetishists.

900ft Jesus said...

I can't find the article, and I looked and looked. Probably a local paper, but there was an article just after harper first became PM about an informal survey put out by prostitutes on what they thought harper and Paul Martin were like in bed. They said Martin seemed like he'd be fun, passionate. They said harper struck them as someone into kinky stuff.

He's creepy as hell.

ridenrain said...

Rather than listen to that industry insider who wants to legitimize her industry, I'd suggest he listens to this group.
They have more credability when they suggest a different solution.

double nickel said...

@ridofbrain...nice try. Get a life. And a sense of humour.

ridenrain said...

Almost 50 addicts/prostitutes murdered by Pickton. According to the Toronto's Sex Crimes Unit, average age of someone entering the sex trade = 14.

This isn't funny. I wish she wouldn't get the press attention because that woman is dangerously wrong.

Gene Rayburn said...

Did you think that the age you cited and all the problems like Pickton et al are a result of prostitution being criminalized currently? Or is that too hard of a thing to wrap your head around Ridofbrain?

Was it prostitutes that killed prostitutes for Pickton? Or was it the fact that these people were disenfranchised by society and the cops didnt really give a shit that they were being murdered? Dont be disingenous, stupid and callous to make a point. It just increases the fool factor for you.

Ever heard of the Netherlands ridofbrain? There virtually every city has a red light district.These are basically small businesses, owned and operated by the women performing the services. There are no pimps, criminal elements involved. The government oversees the assurance of health of the women, and collects taxes on their revenue.

It is allowing women to open a small business and, instead of doing a sexual activity in cars, alleys, etc., doing it in a red light district.

In Germany they have multiplex homes where the women ply their trade, and in Holland it is governed, taxed and medically supervised. Next to farming, it is the oldest profession!

Then again you live out in the sticks and I actually live in the centre of the same city. I see real life everyday, you get it from Steve Darling.

And you wonder why noone takes you seriously Ridofbrain