Monday, December 13, 2010

CJC Not Dead Yet

Plans for a single central Jewish public affairs group, which would include Canada's oldest Jewish organization, need to be more detailed before any restructuring happens, board members said in a unanimous vote on Sunday.

The decision to proceed thoughtfully was good news for the 91-year-old Canadian Jewish Congress, which has raised fears that it would, in effect, dissolve if its name and identity were played down or lost altogether in a larger organization that would include four others.

Up the Liberal Jews forever! Somewhere, Ron Jeremy, their patron saint, is smiling.


Warren K said...

Thank God.

As a member of the Irish Catholic diaspora, let me observe, not for the first time, that it is often the diaspora who (a) are way more radical than the country they profess to love and (b) therefore oftentimes cause trouble for said country.

Anonymous said...

Good news, the Canadian Jewish Congress is kind of an icon in Canada. I find it hard to understand why the leadership of the community would want to drop the name.