Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Ezra Vs. The Indians

Chief Alphonse Lameman weighs in on Ezra's anti-First Nations comments at a public debate hosted by the Wilderness Committee in Vancouver, BC on November 18, 2010:

“Mr. Levant’s words are ugly and mean-spirited and add nothing to the tar sands conversation in Canada,” said Chief Lameman. “He takes the level of discussion on important issues like the destruction of the boreal forest by tar sands to a new low, denigrating the importance of our beliefs and the stand we have taken as stewards of our traditional lands. His negative and sweeping comments on First Nations people are, unfortunately, the sad expression of an attitude we deal with every day. Mr. Levant paints himself as a great defender of rights like freedom of speech, while telling us that we should not defend our own rights.”

Meanwhile, in related news, we're almost two weeks out from the decision against Ezra in Levant v. Vigna, and the defamatory posts all appear to be there still. An appeal in the works? We'll know in a day or two.

Meanwhile, in somewhat related news, amendments to the Saskatchewan human rights code have been introduced that would abolish the role of the provincial rights tribunal and send cases previously heard by the tribunal to the regular court system. As with the current system, complainants costs would be borne by the province.


ridenrain said...

Good news on the death of the Sask. HRC. Other provinces now should follow.

Gene Rayburn said...

"As with the current system, complainants costs would be borne by the province."

and you're still going to pay for it ridofbrain. Really, provide one nutbar free argument for your side.

Nutbar free argument. One that doesnt come with a tinfoil hat.