Monday, December 13, 2010

Going Viral Ain't What It Used to Be

The media don't really get this whole "social media" thing.

Whatever Ian MacDonald might say, Stephen Harper's Xmas jam was something of a Youtube non-event. His cover of The Who's The Seeker proved the evening's biggest hit, with about 18,000 views to date, and from there everything goes down-hill. For example, Share The Land, with only 874 views, clearly flopped. Libertarians probably bailed on it half-way through. And Sweet Caroline, with a whole 151 views, did even worse.

Compare that to the performance with Yo-Yo-Ma from last year, which gathered maybe 1,000,000 views. Looks like the CPoC returned to the well once too often with this gimmick.

And, when you think about it, 1,000,000 isn't that large a number on Youtube anyway. For example, this dancing dog has picked up over 8,000,000 visits in just over three months. I guess Stephen Harper's piano performances are the on-line equivalent of a "Canadian bestseller".


Saskboy said...

I too noticed the numbers were down. Maybe links from Blogging Tories don't do what they used to, or maybe SDA didn't even link to it?

Gayle said...

I just think people know when someone is trying to manipulate them - and they don't like it.

First it was the hockey book, then it was the blue sweater, and now it is the lame attempt at rock and roll. He's just not fooling anyone.

WhigWag said...

face it Steve, we're just not that into you.

Unknown said...

He's just not fooling anyone.

He's fooling someone, a lot of someones, else he would have been required to obtain gainful employment by now.

Or he would have entered the health system as form of self neglect.

Jerome Bastien said...

yeah that must be it: people hate Harper and love Ignatieff. In other fake news, the Maple Leafs are expected to win the Stanley Cup, and Al Gore is committing to living with the carbon footprint of only 5 times the average american.

Anonymous said...

Plus it's retarded how they quote Lurlene (or whatever her name really is) EVERYTIME in association with this tired and repetitious musical gimmick. Without fail she comes out saying she wanted to give the people a "surprise" showing off Stephen's "talent". She wanted them to be "surprised" at just how much he can let loose and ROCK OUT.

Oh Lurlene. Would that she had better powers in the unleash the rock and roll department. She sucks as much as Stephen does. Surprise - meh.

Gayle said...

"He's fooling someone, a lot of someones, else he would have been required to obtain gainful employment by now."

Voting for him because he seems to be doing OK and the opposition is not really offering an alternative is not the same as voting for someone because you think he is an ordinary every day kind of guy.

There is a reason why a big part of CPC strategy is to launch personal baseless attacks against the LPC leader - they know that as soon as Canadians see an alternative it will by Good Bye Mr. Harper.

Gayle said...

Funny funny Jerome - way to attack a point no one is even making.

Ha ha ha

Unknown said...

Funny how the wingnuts become socialists when the topic is Al Gore.

Reality Bites said...

2 Years ago I put up a clip from a TV show that I wanted some relatives to see. I didn't make it private, but I didn't add any tags to it.

It's had 163,546 views and 246 comments.

Unadvertised Eric Idle trumps desperate attempt at making Stephen Harper go viral.

MOre like a virus