Monday, December 06, 2010

This Guy Kicks Ass

How Hard? It seems that The Blogging Tories in Their Own Words website has managed to shame Stephen Taylor into removing the revolting Dodo Can Spell from the BT blogroll. That's the first time that's happened I caught Bill Whatcott bragging about the feces bomb he'd sent to the Governor General. So its good to know that Stephen has at least a nascent sense of shame.

And what's with Ezra Levant? His posts haven't appeared on the BT site for awhile now (weeks?), and I don't see him listed on the blogroll. I emailed Taylor a couple of days ago asking, but there's been no response.


JimBobby said...

TBTITOW is shining light in a very dark place. I give some props to Taylor for having enough savvy/conscience to take appropriate action. A "nascent sense of shame"? Well put.

Reality Bites said...

Perhaps Ezra's no longer on the BT blogroll because they suspect he's got to be a paid operative of the Liberals or NDP, intent on damaging the Conservative brand as much as possible.

If he wrote in French I'd suspect the BQ.