Friday, December 03, 2010

He Did What?

He continued his party’s stance of getting tough on crime.

“We’re embarrassed that criminals are released back on the streets before officers can even finish the paperwork,” he said.

I'm sorry, Hudak has said hardly a word on crime in all the time he's been leader, and certainly never made it a policy centrepiece. In fact, if you take his own words seriously, he doesn't even have a position on crime yet. You, dear citizen, are supposed to tell him his position on crime when you take his Have Your Say Ontarians Survey.

But don't worry; the quotes above represent his policy on November 24th. These day's he's got a new obsession: keeping the next election race clean on twitter. You can't say the man isn't a big thinker.

PS. Yeah, I'm ripping off Warren, but it sooo fits the bill.

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