Monday, December 06, 2010

You Decide

From the Ottawa Sun's now infamous "Lock & Load" editorial:

If the MV Sun Sea were carrying 500 "migrants" from Afghanistan, home base for the Taliban and al-Qaeda, would we be allowing it to enter Canadian waters, or would we put firing a shot over the bow with a message that the next would be midships?

Lock and load would be our approach.

Was that an incitement to mass murder? The Ottawa Sun editorial staff says no. They explicate their earlier stance as follows:

While we were huge proponents of firing a shot across the bow of the MV Sun Sea last August, and forcing its 492 Tamil queue-jumping fraudsters back to Sri Lanka, nowhere did we suggest a second shot to midships would ever go beyond a warning.

Except that this is gibberish. So what I'm deciding is that the Sun is defending its earlier editorial by taking refuge in bad English.

PS. Are they suggesting new military maneuver?


WesternGrit said...

Most "hawks" in the media are simply "chicken hawks", who have never seen a war zone, let alone face to face, hand to hand combat. It's pretty easy for them to sit on the sideline and cheerlead in a new era where "being tough" and "manly" are more important than integrity, the truth, or what is right.

Gerrard787 said...

Well the important thing is keeping members of a terrorist group from buying their way into Canada.

Gene Rayburn said...

speaking of "manly"

The Mound of Sound said...

Actually al Qaeda has pretty much quit Afghanistan for the much more delightful pastures of North Waziristan. BTW, since when did the Ottawa Sun hire Lowell Green to write its editorials?

mohit said...

Good post