Friday, December 10, 2010

Facts From Stockwell Day

End of month job reports show another increase in full time jobs in Canada - this time an increase of 15,000!


A word to critics: Criticism and debate are important and necessary. Just try to keep it factual.

...versus the real kind:

The number of full-time jobs fell, though gains in part-time work compensated for that. In fact, over the course of the past year, part-time work has far outpaced full-time jobs growth.

PS. There`s a big difference. Part-times are the crummy kind of jobs you get when the economy isn`t creating full-time posts.


CuJoYYC said...

End of month job reports show another increase in full time jobs in Canada - this time an increase of 15,000!,000!

Link is broken.

bigcitylib said...

Fixed. Thankee.

Anonymous said...

I'm not surprised by Stockwell Day's propensity for outright lies. What is curious is that no one is calling him out or even questioning him on them.

If one looks at what he writes in that paper, he seems to be borderline insane and suffering from severe delusions. I get the feeling that we are seeing the next talking points.

What is more telling, to me at least, is how Stockwell views the Wiki Leaks. I swear, I have the feeling that we are dealing with a child that's not quite right in the head, a simpleton.... You'll notice that simple Stockwell Day does not use names or nuance, so I'll do the same to semi-emulate his level of thinking.

First, he is dealing in stolen goods.
As a journalist, he is dealing with leaked information. I'm sure that Stock really feels bad for Richard Nixon...

Second, among the stolen material he has blatantly published is information about Afghan freedom fighters and human rights advocates. These are brave citizens who are working with our coalition. They risk their lives daily to rid their country of the Taliban death cult. Now their identities have been exposed. One of the more notorious Taliban child killing leaders has now gone public about the information he and his fellow killers have received from the wee Wiki leaker.
Less than 1% of the material has been released after being redacted/vetted with journalists.
What the documents show, if the thinking of those on the ground....namely that this farce of a war in Afghanistan cannot be won in part because of the massive corruption of our "friends". It has shown that "we" are the killers of children and in many cases our own soldiers. It shows that our government has lied to it's citizens.

The Taliban leader said now they will be able to 'punish' those who dare to oppose their murderous reign of terror on girls who want to go to school and women who want to be treated with equality.
I have no clue where Stockwell pulls this out from. His ass maybe? You have to love the use of demagogy words.

Third, there are families right here in our constituency whose loved ones are risking their lives protecting the people of Afghanistan.
If anything, it shows that the Afghani are afraid of the invaders that we have become thanks to misguided and ignorant actions.

We and our allies have developed certain high tech capabilities which can warn our soldiers in the field of the presence of these awful devices.
Then why are so many still dying? While "roadside bombs" are awful, how do they compare to the weapons and bombs used by our forces on innocents?

The Wiki Leaker has provided those documents to the Taliban.
Well no. He has provided them to journalists and his own site after vetting.

And now for his conclusion:
If all of this isn't enough to turn the perspective (and the stomachs) of any Leaker lovers you meet then you can remind them of something else. Mr. Assange is reported to be hiding from Interpol related to a couple of rape charges.
(Of course, the Taliban don't have a problem with the notion of rape so there may be others who also don't struggle with it.)

Since when do Conservatives want less transparency? It seems odd that Mr. freedom and democracy wants to shield his little children... uhmmm I mean Canadians from the truth and the real face of what American diplomats think.

Mr. Assange has not been hiding and what happened to innocent until guilty? And I will take the flippant attitude (since Mr. Day wants to character assassinate)... Since when do you send out an Interpol warrant on a man guilty of having sex with two women without a condom and at best not calling them back? It seems like a case of jealousy. One of the woman would seem like a perfect target for Conservatives because she is a feminist... but then again she is a Christian... but then again she is sleeping around...
And, at best, the charges are "sex by surprise", not rape.

Anonymous said...

I also find it funny that Harper said he would protect whistleblowers - I guess what he meant was he was looking to smear Liberals.