Friday, August 03, 2007

Cross-Country Pro-Life March Meets With Total Apathy

It's as though the shin splits have been for nought:

The other most difficult part of the trip, [Crossroads participant Cyril Doll] told, is the "apathy we've received from Canadians from coast to capital. If we don't have people constantly asking us what we're doing, supporting us, or even detractors, it's a temptation to lose focus. If you don't have someone either fighting you or patting you on the back, you kind of forget what it's all about."

Whoo hoo Canada! Apathy made this country great. It kept us out of that damned Iraq War, and now its keeping a woman's right to choose legal!

Mr. Doll continues:

Doll also told that the greatest blessing, the most rewarding aspect of the journey has been "having faith and just knowing what we're doing is going to make a difference. We may not see the fruits of our work," he said, "but as Catholics we know that our pain, our suffering, our prayers are never going to go to waste. The good Lord is distributing the graces."

Actually, kid, what you're doing will amount to squat. When its finished all you'll be left with are the blisters and memories of staggering along the Trans-Canada under a hot sun, wondering what you're name is and why you're doing this and knowing that all your friends back home are getting drunk on the beach.

I hope you at least got laid. Otherwise, that's one summer gone entirely down the tubes.


Anonymous said...

Wow. Your ideology has made you into such a bitter person.

Three cheers for more baby deaths!

Ti-Guy said...

Too late. You're already grown up, anony-tard.

Anyway, there's no pleasing these martyrs without a cause. You leave them alone to agitate for something they believe in, and they're disappointed no one's confronting them. I think they'd be relieved to be rounded up and thrown into camps.

Can't we find these people real hobbies?

Anonymous said...

Gosh, it's summer and we wouldn't want people enjoying a little time vacationing and giving their heads a break from "causes".

Ya you have a cause, but don't expect me to pay attention when I waited a year to get a vacation and get away from it all.

Anonymous said...

If you don't want an abortion dont get one. It's pretty simple stuff at this point in history. Marching againsty abortion is like menonites marching against light bulbs. They're welcome to do it but marching to go back to the dark ages ain't gonna make it happen.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah I forgot, Thank God for abortion! And birth control, what with 7 billion of us on the planet and all. How many people does the Catholic church think the planet can sustain by the way?

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah I forgot forgot. Thank God for gays and lesbians! What with 7 billion people on the planet and all, I'm sure it's all a part of God's plan.