Monday, August 06, 2007

Steyn On Black

(That may be it for today. Will be out most of the afternoon, then going to see "Hairspray". Have a nice civic holiday.)


Anonymous said...

see what happens when you let the NDP morons run things . . . .

Paul Moloney

You choose: Massive service cuts or a massive property tax increase.

That's the dilemma Toronto faces, after struggling for years to balance an operating budget that has grown by about $200 million a year since the city's six boroughs were amalgamated in 1998.

It wasn't supposed to be this way.

"I have Mel Lastman's signature plus all the other mayors of the municipalities previous to the elections saying they could save $250 million," then-premier Mike Harris said just weeks before amalgamation became reality.

And the backbone of any post-amalgamation savings plan was to be fewer staff.

Yet since amalgamation the city has had a net gain of 3,299 jobs, most of them within the TTC to keep up with rising ridership; the police service to cope with gun violence; and the rest to deliver programs once run by the province and handed over to municipalities.

Anonymous said...

"Toronto, for example, has its so called "Labour Trades Obligation Policy." This means only unionized contractors and their employees can bid for most of the construction jobs tendered by the city.

According to the Open Shop Contractors Association, this is over and above its "Fair Wage Policy."

According to the same source, the city contracts out at least $500 million worth of work a year that is subject to this policy."

It's the unions that are controlling Toronto - this is NOT good. It's "blackmail" and it's costing a lot of unnecessary money.

Wake up Toronto!

JimBobby said...

Whooee! AnonyNumbnuts, what do Trawna's finances and service procurement policy have to do with Steyn listenin' to His Master's Voice?

See what happens when you let anonymous morons post blog comments...


Ti-Guy said...

What's this got to do with (shit)Steyn's continued and appallingly obscene fellating of his Lardship?

I'm surprised Steyn hasn't gotten lock-jaw by now.

bigcitylib said...

Anon 7:25,

Clearly you are filled with envy, and probably couldn't figure the dog picture either.

Reality Bites said...

"I'm surprised Steyn hasn't gotten lock-jaw by now."

Oh please. How could anyone look at the life and career of Lord Tubby and conclude he has an average-or-larger-sized penis?

Mike said...

Anon 7:25,

1. I don't live in Toronto anymore - haven't for 8 years. I voted for Mel Lastman when I did, solely for comic relief.

2. I am a left-libertarian and anarchist, if you had bothered to look at my profile. I don't vote at all any more, for anyone.

All that to say you are still a fucking moron. If Harris had not forced amalgamation on cities against the will of the people that lived there, we probably would have this issue. But he had to make the provincial Tory government look good somehow right? How better to balance your budget by pawning it off on another layer of government. Its called cooking the books.

But, I'm getting off topic now.

reality bites,

Even Lady Tubby felates his wallet, not his dick.