Wednesday, August 08, 2007

MacKay On The Arctic: You Can't Use It If You Can't Find It

From The Embassy Magazine:

Immediately after Russian scientists planted their country's flag on the bottom of the Arctic Ocean under the North Pole to bolster their recent territorial claim, Foreign Affairs Minister Peter MacKay dismissed it as a "show by Russia."

However, his assertion that the area is actually Canadian property has raised questions about his understanding of the Arctic file as the flag was planted in international territory.

"Minister MacKay demonstrated a clear lack of understanding on the issue by referring to this as Canadian waters on the basis of a long-standing Canadian claim," said Michael Byers, holder of the Canada Research Chair on Global Politics and International Law at the University of British Columbia.

"He got his speaking notes for the Northwest Passage mixed up with his speaking notes for the Arctic Ocean, and I think that's pretty appalling given the importance of this particular issue for the long-term interests of Canada."

The guy can't tell Toronto from Halifax. How do you think he's going to distinguish one hunk of ice from another?

Incidentally, has anyone set odds on MacKay's getting the boot during next week's cabinet shuffle? His name hasn't come up in places like this, but his various screw-ups have left him unpopular on both sides of the political spectrum. Personally, I would not be surprised to see him shuffled.


MgS said...

The optimist in me would love to see Mackay get booted from Cabinet...but Harper's woefully short on "leadership" material for cabinet at the best of times.

Mackay is probably the Con$ only hope right now of hanging onto any seats in Newfoundland and Nova Scotia - meaning that Harper needs him in cabinet - no matter what we might think or wish.

(Albeit a few more pictures of Mackay salivating over Condi's boots might do in the more socially conservative voters that back him)

Reality Bites said...

Harpo's much too worried that if he offends the dog lover he'll get back together with David Orchard and restart the PC party. ;)

Who knows? Following Stronach's retirement he might even cross the floor. I understand there's no Liberal candidate nominated in his riding for some reason. ;)

JimBobby said...

Whooee! I don't reckon Petey'll get shuffled. His incompetence is less glaring than O'Connor's. The only reason for a shuffle will be to get rid of the liability of O'C. Other shuffled ministers will be shuffled only to make it less obvious that O'Connor is the real target.

MacKay's doin' his best to achieve what many said was inpossible: an Elizabeth May win in Central Nova.


Ti-Guy said...

I wasn't paying attention to what McKay was saying during this whole affair (I stopped listening the day he gushed to Condi Rice that he was her number one fan!!1!). Did he really get confused over the two issues (the North Pole and Canada's sovereignty over the Arctic Archipelago) or did it just come off that way?

...oh, who cares. Wake me up when Junior says something remotely sensible.

900ft Jesus said...

The shuffle isn't only to get rid of O'Connor. Bev Odious has to go as well. Not only is she an extremely weak Minister, she has stubbled over her own actions quite badly - which is amazing since she is mostly comatose.

I think MacKay will maintain a high level portfolio. He bungled the Afghan detainee issues, and is a moron in general, but he played the cameras and could quietly pull back letting others take the heat.

I'd like him gone. He's self-serving and dishonest, but some people still like him. The Hill Times named him the sexiest male MP again this year. Can't see that myself, but then again I'm a human...

Anonymous said...

I hear Dion wants to demote Iggy . . he is worried about the steel shiv in his back with him sitting too close by in the House.

Maybe Jacko bin Laydown will shuffle some of the crew on his ship of fools as well.

JimBobby said...

Yeah, Oda, too. Fergot about her limousineship, minister of extravagance.

wilson said...

...'When Harper made the election promise, it was dismissed by Liberal interim leader Bill Graham as expensive fantasy.
Now Grit defence critic Denis Coderre tries to claim the PM's move isn't aggressive enough.'...
The Province, July 2007

Natter and nitpik is all that comes from Libs and their media, what is the Liberal policy or position now? Gonna wait until the poll comes out to take a position?

We know where Iggy is, but where is Dion?
Getting a makeover? Will it be extreme?

Anonymous said...

Ok all you smart ass liberals - if you know so much about the Arctic, translate please.

imaha owput
imaha owpasut

Ti-Guy said...

The Hill Times named him the sexiest male MP again this year. Can't see that myself...

In that kennel club? I can see it...

Anonymous said...

Do you really feel secure travelling to Mexico or China with MacKay and Guergis at the helm? Frightening.

Britain and Australia are requesting that their Gitmo detainees be returned home but MacKay hasn't - what is MacKay doing these days - picking his nose?

I'll bet Condi is playing him.