Tuesday, August 07, 2007

A Last Note On The Free D Fiasco: Where Were The Blogging Tories?

One thing that I wondered about throughout the whole Free Dominion affair was: where are the Blogging Tories? Other than a few hard-cores like Flanders (who is, by the way, about to throw in the towel on his website), there seemed very little in the way of response.

Well, one reason for this seems to be that their leader, Stephen Taylor, was actively discouraging discussion of the issue (at least on the BT forums):

Just a moderator's note: Please do not repost material from FreeDominion that is the subject of the CHRC complaint. Doing so exposes us, and this warning serves as clear notice that we will pursue civil action against anyone that in turn exposes us to CHRC action related to this complaint against FreeDominion.

Translation: here's a warning that says if you get us in trouble with the CHRC for material we've warned you not to post, we will do what we can to recover our damages (from you) because this warning also indicates that as moderators and site owners, that we don't want to have anything to do with the material that lands a person (rightly or wrongly -- which is another debate) with a human rights complaint.

A gutsy bunch, and telling that they should fall into line so easily. Its a strange world when you are deriving most of your support from your political enemies.

Also, I will probably not being posting as often, or as extensively, over the course of the next couple of weeks. Hopefully BCLSB won't descend to a stream of cheap booby jokes, but of course I can promise nothing.


Anonymous said...

Why do they let Stephen Taylor tell them what to do? What a bunch of wimps.

Taylor would rather spend time trashing the CBC or talking about anything other than any failings of his precious PM.

What a joke.

Ti-Guy said...

After reading Pacheco's puling, whining, moaning swan song, I can't help but think that calling him Flanders is really too complimentary.

Reality Bites said...

Gee, Pacheco giving up is going to have almost as big an impact on Canadian politics as the dogcatcher in Bumfuck, Iowa retiring had on the Presidential race.

I'm sure John Baird is breathing a sigh of relief.

Trivia: Pacheco spent $18.42 for each vote he got in the last election. Baird spent $2.88

The thrifty New Democrat spent 2.59 while the environment conscious Greenie saved trees by spending only 33 cents per vote.

Anonymous said...

Although it pains me greatly to say so I think Stephen Taylor should be commended for not allowing the FD mob to run Bill Whatcot's disgusting material on the BT site.What I find shocking is that some liberal bloggers like Unrepentant actually support FD. Shame on them!

Red Tory said...

They support the principle and there's an important difference you seem to be missing there.

JJ said...

Anon 2:09pm - "What I find shocking is that some liberal bloggers like Unrepentant actually support FD. Shame on them!"

What I find shocking is that so many people can't grasp a simple concept like the difference between supporting a principle and supporting what people do within the construct of that principle. Big, big difference.

Möbius said...

I say we burn them, the witches! Unless they weigh less than a duck.

Free speech is ephemeral, and ends where the government says it ends. Is that alright with you, anon?