Thursday, August 23, 2007

Struggle For Alberta Fringe Heats Up!

Like Hyenas around the bloated corpse of a water-buffalo, Alberta's right-wing fringe parties have turned from Ed Stelmach's hapless Conservatives and fallen upon one another. The newly founded Wildrose Party of Alberta is trying to poach members of the Alberta Alliance, and they are making use of a contact list appropriated in an immoral and unethical fashion from the AA itself! In fact, Wildrose party Members Eleanor Maroes, Marilyn Burns, and Phil Gamache identify themselves as "former Members" of the AA in their introduction letter, thus making it appear that the latter party is promoting the former.

As a result, raging heck has broken out on the Project Alberta Forum, and AA president Randy Thorsteinson has lashed out:

I have been inundated with messages from outraged members of the Alberta Alliance over an e-mail that they received from Eleanor Maroes, Marilyn Burns and Phil Gamache earlier today. I would like to state categorically that all three of them left the Alberta Alliance Party several months ago to join a rival political party. Their e-mail was unauthorized and done totally without our knowledge. In fact, they deliberately tried to hide their actions from the Alberta Alliance. Additionally, they purposefully hid their current roles on the rival political party Executive as Treasurer, Secretary and Northern Director.

I apologize that they sent you the e-mail, rest assured they did not get your e-mail address from the Alberta Alliance Party but rather from former candidates. It appears the rival party has been given your e-mail address from either Marilyn Burns or Eleanor Maroes. Each received a confidential Alliance membership list during the Alliance leadership election in 2005. Both Marilyn Burns and Eleanor Maroes were given a membership list under strict conditions of confidentiality and by divulging this list they broke their personal word to respect the confidential nature of the list. You have a right to your privacy and I am absolutely sick that these three people have betrayed that right. Unfortunately I don’t know what other information they have shared with the rival party.

Once again I apologize that they have given your information to a rival political party. I thought that they would honour their commitment to respect your privacy, but unfortunately they won’t.

I will do everything I can to remedy this situation.

Best Regards, Randy Thorsteinson

This battle will affect literally dozens of Albertans! Let the bunfight begin.

h/t to The Wildrose Report.


Anonymous said...

cool . . . real Albertans with strong identities that will tell Ontario, Quebec and Ottawa to go get stuffed and take you grubby hands off our money.

Or else we'll take our bank account and leave, because we know we could get 50+1, 60+1, 70+1 or whatever teh hurdle height is set at for our referendum.

And then we'll convince BC to come with us.

Should send the latte socialists in downtown Toronto into a tizzy.

Anonymous said...

"real Albertans with strong identities" - Smell isn't everything. Speaking as a real Albertan with sense.

MgS said...

The more right wingnut fringe parties in Alberta, the better. It fractures the right-wing vote enough to allow other voices to be heard.

... oh BTW - "anonymous": There's an amazing number of Albertans who happen to be CANADIANS that live in Alberta.

Ti-Guy said...

BCL, you're getting you're just re-posting scripts from episodes of The Beverly Hillbillies.

This week, in Bugtussle, Arkansas...

Anonymous said...

Albert + fringe just screams "Liberal". Kinda like an endangered species, except NOBODY wants to protect them!

Anonymous said...

After looking at all the 'topics' today, it is abundantly clear that BCL is either a name-calling teenager with an unfounded superiority complex, or a very poor example of an adult political blogger. There is no political insight, no thoughtful debate, just name-calling, insults and attacks on appearance, and bitter venom.

The time I've wasted here is lost; I won't waste any more.

Anonymous said...

"cool . . . real Albertans with strong identities that will tell Ontario, Quebec and Ottawa to go get stuffed and take you grubby hands off our money."

I see you gotten tired of Harpo and his pork barreling already. Send a new party, they'll just be the same. A bunch of disaffected NIMBYs and bigots


Anonymous said...

And then we'll convince BC to come with us

Hahahahahah! I don't thinks so. But, lots of us will welcome Alberta's departure if it means it will make it more difficult for Albertans to built gated retirement "communities" in rural B.C., and buy up agriculture lands to build McMansions and ATV playgrounds on. Good Riddance.

Anonymous said...

Grog Said:

"... oh BTW - "anonymous": There's an amazing number of Albertans who happen to be CANADIANS that live in Alberta."

Very true. They are present everywhere and they are called sheep. That goes double for the ones who are conservatives yet for some unknown reason want to pay the commies in the ROC for the privilege of being ruled and exploited by non-Albertan pinkos.