Tuesday, August 28, 2007

If Abortion Is Murder, How Much Time Should A Woman Do?

Interesting youtube video which I found, believe it or don't, via the Western Standard Shotgun Blog. In it, an interviewer asks U.S. anti-abortion activists what penalty should be levied against a woman having an abortion, given that abortion is murder. Poster Terry O'Neill writes:

It's a logical and pertinent question, but not a single one of the demonstrators had a well-thought-out answer. Most of them initially suggested that the woman would have to answer to God, but then later displayed some discomfort when the interviewer pointed out that if abortion were simply a matter between a woman and God, then there was no reason to make it illegal.

Fascinating responses in the comments, not all of them predictable. Although Suzanne takes a characteristic hard-line with:

Personally, I think *eventually* women will have to answer for the killing of the unborn child. Maybe not in the beginning, because the first goal is just to have it illegal. Period. But as the population becomes more cognizant of the fact that unborn children are equal human beings, eventually, women will pay a penalty, as there will be no excuse for abortion. Note, though that before the advent of legal abortion, women were excused from prosecution by agreeing to testify against the abortionist.

Just to clarify: I am pro-choice, don't think its murder, and etc.


Ti-Guy said...

You can just see where SUZANNE is heading. She'll make a good Aunt in the future Republic of Gilead.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the link! it is indeed a very good question.

Jay said...

This is a slippery slope.

Suzanne won't be happy able until its illegal to masturbate, just what the Catholic Church wants.

Soon life will begin in the ovaries and testes and the church is back to where it was just 500 years ago! Micromanaging sexual relations and private solo jobs.


Anonymous said...

Aren't you aware that you can develop hair on your palms from reading the Western Standard?

Anonymous said...

Feminists will tell you you don't have a voice in the abortion issue because you're a man.

The defining issue in abortion isn't about 'choice', it's about responsibility, and whether or not a human life is worth your inconvenience, after you made the choice to have sex.

Anonymous said...

I'm a serial killer.

I admit it.

But I've never held a celebratory funeral for my tampon...

just say'n.

welcome to Gilead.

Spread Love...
... but wear the Glove!

BlueBerry Pick'n
can be found @
ThisCanadian ~~~

We, two, form a Multitude ~ Ovid.
"Silent Freedom is Freedom Silenced"

MgS said...

The defining issue in abortion isn't about 'choice', it's about responsibility, and whether or not a human life is worth your inconvenience, after you made the choice to have sex.

Responsibility also includes recognizing one's ability to care for the child, to survive pregnancy and a myriad of other concerns.

When you use pregnancy as a punishment for "irresponsible" behaviour, then you create other problems that are potentially far worse than those that are attributed to abortion. (E.g. poverty, maternal mortality, etc.)

JJ said...

"The defining issue in abortion isn't about 'choice', it's about responsibility, and whether or not a human life is worth your inconvenience, after you made the choice to have sex."

Creeping authoritarianism, how kinky.

Get a life. Then you won't be busying yourself by sticking your nose in other peoples' crotches.

Anonymous said...

Fascinating, albeit unsurprising, but it reminds me of a related question somebody might ask such demonstrators:

People estimate there are ~400,000 frozen embryos in storage in the USA, and presumably more in Canada. [I don't know where this number comes from, but it is widespread, and might even be true.]

Do these protesters believe embryos are people? If so, are the embryos being illegally imprisoned? If embryos are created, knowing that many will be destroyed, is this murder, and who should be punished? Should they be doing their best to shut down fertility clinics so their prisoners can be released?

Google: embryos people

Ti-Guy said...

I was watching a George Carlin clip where he complained that, unlike committed human rights protesters in South East Asia who set themselves on fire, these SoCons are singularly uncommitted to the cause.

...Come on, SoCons. Kerosene is cheap. Go for it.

Anonymous said...

You don't think it's murder? Obviously you don't have kids.

Jay said...


Good point. If they really cared about their cause, where is the self immolation?

We could set up a non-profit to help raise funds for an appropriate excelerant.

These people are just lazy with no jobs at all just like Mr. Harper said. They seem to protest just so they don't have to.

Jay said...

"You don't think it's murder? Obviously you don't have kids."

I love kids persoanlly, and want some but a child is not the same as a fetus. This association has come from irrational thought patterns based on a archaic beliefs. You have, obviously, no clue about biology and human development.

Did you know a womans body self aborts its own fetus'? Thats right, your wifes a killing machine. Most pregnancies result in self abortion without the woman knowing.

Reality Bites said...

Ignorance is no excuse! Arrest them all for murder!

Personally, I think if the Suzanne's of the world ever get to be in charge, you'll meet a far better class of people in prison than on the outside. (Tasteless joke follows.) Steven Truscott could end up having to petition the courts to be found guilty again.

Ti-Guy said...

You don't think it's murder? Obviously you don't have kids.

Well, I can understand you thinking of murder whenever you look at your kids, but really, that's just an argument for birth control.

Anyway...shaddup. Your kind makes that comment over and over again without realising that it has no explanatory value.

Mike said...

Anon 11:14 - I have 3 kids and I don't think its murder either...

If Suzanne and her ilk were really interested in the life of the child rather than forcing their narrow religious views on everyone, they would not only fight to outlaw abortion, they would fight to ensure access to good, effective birth control to prevent conception of unwanted, potential abortions in the first place. They would fight for easy, free access to neonatal care, quicker adoptions and all sorts of programs to benefit mothers economically - cheap accessible day care, better welfare benefits, better education benefits for mothers and better schools. They could easily advocate this from government or better yet, create private institutions to do all these things.

But they don't. They only care about the fetus while it is in utero. Once it has slide out the shute, in their eyes its just another poverty stricken criminal-in-waiting whelped from morally questionable whore-mothers, stealing their welfare money and dragging down society. After the kid is born, that precious life becomes another unwanted dreg of society, to be scorned and ignored. They don't give a shit after that.

George Carlin has it right, they aren't pro-life, they are anti-woman. How else can you explain people that go out of their way to keep effective birth control from women in the name of "morality", forcing them into unwanted pregnancy, forcing them to carry to term, only to turn around and revile those same woman for actually having the child, again, in the name of "morality"?

They are only interested in forcing all of us to live by their own repressed sexual mores by any means necessary. Religious fascists by any other name.

JJ said...

Mike - "they would fight to ensure access to good, effective birth control"

Right. That is their next target. They're already beaking off about how bad and evil birth control is.

The bottom line with these people is they have massive sexual hangups. That's why they relate abortion, birth control and homosexuality. (Like Carlin said in the video - "They should be natural allies. Who has less abortions than homosexuals?")

To them it's all the same thing -- sex, sex, sex -- that makes their heads explode.

Anonymous said...

slavery was legal at one time. Now, every few years, you see a story of someone going to jail for slavery with a shackled kidnappee or what have you.

Anonymous said...

Also, you can be tried for murder for shooting a woman and killing her fetus. No kidding. That is a bit of a double standard, no?

Anonymous said...

Abortion is a serious case especially in Vatican so Let condemn this kind of activity.

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