Tuesday, August 28, 2007

That's Why He Gets Paid The Big Bucks

Details of the new Strategic Counsel poll, which has Libs and Cons deadlocked at 33%, can be found here. In their desperate attempt to spin this as good news for the Harper Tories, the G&M quotes SC managing partner Tim Woolstencroft as saying:

“The government has made some headway in broadening the potential of its appeal."

Not broadening its appeal, mind you: the "potential of its appeal". Its potential potential, as it were. Go home, Mr. Woolstencroft, you've done your work for today.

Meanwhile, Dalton is back in Majority territory, according to the new Ipos Reid:

The Liberals are now at 42-per-cent support compared to 35 per cent for the Tories, according to the poll, conducted exclusively for CanWest News Service and Global Television. That represents a four-point change from the last Ipsos poll released one week ago when the Tories trailed the Liberals by just three points.

Most of the small bump McGuinty has achieved in the last week is attributed to his opposition to John Tory's policy on religious school funding. Presumably, whoever advised the Conservatives on their educational policy has had their ass kicked back to Mushaboo.


Anonymous said...

Maybe he can find "potential", in Afghanistan for Steve.

Anonymous said...

Once again, 42 percent of Canadians polled are brain dead.

Anonymous said...

I think U have ur pollster mixed up.....this is a tory poll which always plays games and is unbelievable...strategic counsel is NOT ses.

bigcitylib said...

Anon 11:15,

Thanks. I've corrected now. Explains the desperate spin a bit better.

Anonymous said...

You're right it totally explains the desperate spin BCLSB. Really sad.

Jay said...

what a ridiculous poll. Liberals would vote for Harper if he had more liberal policies. Duh.

I suppose more dippers would vote conservative if Harper had more communist policies.

I suppose also conservatives would also vote liberal if liberals had more conservative policies. They'd get the pro-life crowd if they vowed to make abortion illegal.

You can go on and on like that. Its policies not the party that people want to support.

Stupid. How much the CPC pay these pollsters to spin uncontrollably.

I don't think Canadians will be to pleased about ElectionScam and all the funnelling of money, illegally, throughout the ridings.

Anonymous said...

its a poll . . . people say anything when it isn't a real vote.

I always say the opposite of what I think to polls . . . Just to fuk with 'em, y'know mess 'em up.

Like to screw with idiots who call at supper time trying to sell me something. I just tell them I have to get a pen, put the phone down and then go about my business, burning up their sales time. 20 minutes later I just hang up.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE your biting take on this poll.

I had just posted a much less interesting commentary on the G&M comment board (something I normally don't due to the bizarre crowd that trolls there).

But my comment was infinitely more boring to your on the mark zinger. I basically summarized the actual findings of the poll showing modest gains for liberals and modest declines for conservatives since the election. My altruistic belief is maybe I'll actually coax a sheep or two to actually READ the article or - gasp - the poll results themselves - before commenting, which many are clearly remiss to do.

G&M really had to pull teeth to find those three "subsets of ridings" where an increase in green support made it appear that "maybe" the conservatives had increased support - all safely within the expansive margins of error, of course And they of course ignored the multitude of ridings showing the opposite trend of improved liberal support. Then they topped it off with the whole section of the poll essentially entitled "If Harper did x, would you support him" followed by a list of things he would never do. Hilarious.

Makes me wonder if they actually asked those questions first (you know to sort of butter up the crowd) so they could answer the "who would you support" question with their own fictional metamorphised Harper rather than the real one.

I mean, when you're going to stretch that far on a poll, might as well make it good.

Anonymous said...

so does this mean the Mop & Bail is out to get Steffi by making the Tories look better ?

Are the G&M owners shilling for Iggy to stab Steffi in the back ??

wilson said...

'Potential' morphs into 'momentum' during an election.
When the majority of Canadians think that PMSH is leading the country in the right direction, (that number has doubled in Quebec) that suggests IMO that those who did not vote Conservative because they believed the Liberal fearmongering, may, there is potential that, they would be comfortable voting Conservative this time around.
It will depend on the policy/programs PMSH brings out. (or the lack of policy from the Libs)

bigcitylib said...

Wilson wrote:

"'Potential' morphs into 'momentum' during an election."

But morphs into slowly declining poll numbers between elections? Gimme a break.

Anonymous said...

I don't take too much stalk in this poll - people are busy vacationing, getting ready for the back to school week and look at the number with no opinion.

They really aren't paying attention to politics and it seems the G&M aren't either - no scandals? Campaign funding issue, hiding the cost of the Challenger used by PM for a year, etc., etc.

G & M going down hill or what. I used to consider a good newspaper. But then gain, Gloria Galloway wets her pants over Harper although she once admitted her kids are voting Green.

Ti-Guy said...

Are the G&M owners shilling for Iggy to stab Steffi in the back ??

No, I don't thin the editors of The G&M are that tactical. They're all pretty stupid, when you get right down to it.

Sept 17 and my subscription runs out. Given how lousy the paper has been in the last year, I'm not sure whether I'll renew it. The paper's sudden "discovery" of the long-telegraphed sub-prime crisis was pretty much the last straw.

...and don't get me started on that fatuous Life section...

Ti-Guy said...

When the majority of Canadians think that PMSH is leading the country in the right direction

Get your facts straight, Wilson. The poll revealed that the majority of Canadians think the the country is headed in the right direction. That doesn't say anything about whether they believe that's due to Harper.

I happen to believe a squirrel could run the country at this moment, given how the Liberals left it pretty good shape financially.

The only thing Harper's done in that last 19 months is campaign.

Anonymous said...

I suggest you all read "Far and Wide" (Liblogs) - very, very interesting. Indeed.

Harper's negatives are higher than his positives it seems.

Anonymous said...

"I suppose more dippers would vote conservative if Harper had more communist policies."

As the last election showed, Dippers don't have to vote conservative to elect a conservative government--they just have to keep voting NDP.