Sunday, August 12, 2007

I Am An Excellent Steel Horse: Rock Plaza Central

Canada has been kicking up tons of truly eccentric Indie bands that have nevertheless been finding audiences all around the planet. And while I've never really "got" The Arcade Fire, the latest buzz group, Rock Plaza Central, seems to be more my speed. With a shambolic, folk-rock sound, an singer that sounds better when he is singing off-key (and usually is), and a concept Album ("Are We Not Horses?") for a debut that tells the story of robotic horses that believe they have souls, you wouldn't think there would be much promise to these guys. Nevertheless, tunes like "I Am An Excellent Steel Horse", and "Anthem for the Already Defeated" hold together wonderfully, and the overall result is part pop, part outsider music. Here is the video for "Anthem for the Already defeated":

And here is a live version from my favorite song, "I Am An Excellent Steel Horse":

This might be it for today. I'm planning on spending time in the sun.


Anonymous said...

well your taste in music explains a lot about your understanding of Climate Science.

'nuf said.

Ti-Guy said...

Ouch! Retract those claws, missy!