Monday, August 13, 2007

Pizza & Boobies

Only in Winnipeg, where the land is flat but the women are not, could someone have dreamed up an outfit like Porno Pizza:

Entrepreneur Corey Wildeman said the hot and saucy hook for his Porno Pizza business -- which offers pornographic pictures beneath the pies in delivery boxes -- has caught on in a far bigger way than he had ever imagined.

After launching the delivery service a little more than a month ago, Wildeman is turning to local talent for models after initially using only photographs supplied by a national content provider.

"Researching" this post, I found the website for Mr. Wildeman's little venture. Featured pizza's include the Missionary Position (Old Reliable), Bareback (Western), and Fuzzy Taco (Mexican), which sounds a little unhygenic.

As for the pictures themselves:

“They range from softly-lit, lube-on-the-lens pictures like in Playboy, to raunchy, hardcore photos,” owner Corey Wildeman said.

“The image is revealed as you eat the pizza.”

But do you get your money back if it makes you gag?

A city so ridiculously boring that it gave birth to the frenzied rock-and-roll of both Neil Young and the Guess Who has now spawned this example of entrepreneurial genius. Will Porno Pizza put Winnipeg back on the map?

(Literally: in about 1980 Winnipeg was removed from the map of Canada and replaced with a symbol indicating frozen tundra. Not even people from Winnipeg know where Winnipeg is.)


Ti-Guy said...

God, the free market...

Some of them are kind of funny though..."Mr. Big" (Meatlovers) and "The Beaver" (Canadian).

Don't be so smug, BCL. I haven't seen anything remotely amusing coming out of Toronto lately, notwithstanding "Crêpe Expectations." (*guffaw*).

...I give this little enterprise a month.

Polly Jones said...

It's not as though using women's bodies to sell food is anything new. Why wouldn't you just save up the money and go buy a hand-job. At least prostitutes see a greater share of the money.

Anonymous said...

I like the idea - but mostly because it will p*ss off the puritans and make religious end times freaks complain about the end of the world and such.

Steve V said...

I'd stay away from the dipping sauce :)

Anonymous said...

Manitobans get Porn Pizza

Palestinians get porn Jiahdi TV