Saturday, August 11, 2007

Usurped By His Sock Puppet?

David MacLean has stepped down from his position as head of the Saskatchewan wing of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation. If you don't remember, this was the guy GPM caught making nasty comments in the guise of moneybags4me and several other sock-puppets. Now the rumour is he is being replaced at the CTF by moneybags4me itself. I hate it when they start talking back.
As you may know, I never employ sock-puppets, except when I am pranking stupid online surveys, in which case I rely on my good buddy Galactus, Eater of Worlds. So far, we get along fine.


Anonymous said...

And we'll continue to get along fine as long as you keep feeding me those mushrooms. Quit that and you're on your own...pigface!


Anonymous said...

I don't watch the TV news much, but I never caught wind of MacLean again after GPM outed him!

Ti-Guy said...

This has been my favourite blog "scandal" by far. No surprise here that the Canadian Tax-Whiners Association would attract the ethically-challenged.

...Tasha "The Harridan" Kheirridin was noticeably silent during all this.