Sunday, August 26, 2007

Off To Mexico

Every August, thousands of specimens of Danaus plexippus (The Monarch Butterfly) gather together to prepare for their Southward migration to Mexico and points beyond. One of these gathering spots, I discovered yesterday, is a small stand of trees near Wexford Cemetary in Scarborough. Wandering through there, I saw scads of the things perched in the various pine/willow trees. I went by this morning with my digital, and snapped a few pictures of them as they were just waking up:

Doesn't really capture the effect of having several dozen of them fluttering around your head, but not bad.


Anonymous said...

So, whats the Liberal conventional "wisdom" on the decline of the Monarch butterfly, BCL? Was it caused by Jesus' invention of slavery, or by secret SPP negotiations on the intergalactic superhighway?

bigcitylib said...

I blame Brian Mulroney.

J@ckp1ne said...

That must have been quite a thing to see.